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  1. I have a two bedroom family motel room at the Rocket Motel. It sleeps 4 people. The two small beds are taken. The queen bed is available. I would like to get two people to share the queen bed. Checking in on Thursday August 15th and checking out August 19th Monday morning. All 4 nights will be $132.00 each person. Non party room. Thanks. Stan.
  2. I'm in Chattanooga. I don't make it to Atlanta much. Welcome to the South.
  3. We'll be there from Monday to Monday.
  4. Is there an itinerary for the jammy yet? Just wanted to start planning for my vacation.
  5. Hey guys. Who has the Lambretta Jamboree Seattle postcards? I had someone ask me about them today. And whoever has them should send them to the High rollers rally in Vegas ASAP!!! Just wondering. I need about 10 of them for locals in Tennessee. Thanks!
  6. If....IF I were to win...I wonder if I could use that toward the 2019 Euro Lambretta? Just asking.
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