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  1. Where can we watch it. I think t is worth a gander, just for the shots of the scooters.
  2. Someone I know has a Lambretta motor for sale and I am trying to determine what type of motor it might be. Because of the number sequence I believe that it is an Indian motor but not sure. Can anyone help? Starts with some unrecognizable shape at the extreme left then the numbers 401 followed by a star shape followed by 181383 then another star at the extreme right. If I can figure out how to add a picture I will. Jack
  3. It is very easy at the AAA office. What would be easier though is for you to just sell them all to me and let me deal with the registrations. You can then borrow them whenever you show up. Jack
  4. Here are some pictures of my Red Special when I got it. Mine still has some of the original blue seat cover and the CEAT tires. I bought it from the original owner and this is how it looks after many years of sitting. The patina is so heavy on one side that the paint is almost like suede. Just enjoy your new Red Special.
  5. Both bands were supposed to play in Ventura on November 11th but the Beat had to cancel due to Rankin Roger being ill. The Majestic Ventura Theater says that the Selecter will still play with some other band. We plan on riding down from Santa Barbara for the show. Join us. Jack
  6. Hi Nick, You have a great Lambretta Series 1 Li150. I am not a cheap skate and I am not trying to insult you or your scooter. However, knowing how much I would have to pay for shipping to Santa Barbara, CA and that I would have to spend quite a bit of time and money going over a lot of the body work and paint to restore the scooter to proper condition, I am willing to give you $2,000.00 for the series 1 Li150 without seeing it in person. You can call or text me on my cellular phone at (805) 896-4489 to discuss further or email me at lambretta@cox.net Thank you, Jack
  7. Hello everyone, I have been asking around to see if anyone has seen an old scooter of mine that for some reason I sold many years ago. It started life as a stock light blue Serveta Jet 200. It had some quality issues with the original spanish engine cases so I changed the entire drive train and motor with Innocenti parts. I had the main case powder coated in blue paint and had the case cover polished to a chrome like finish. The fuel tank, gloves box and head cover were all chrome plated. I installed a Wiseco 228 piston and a 44 mm flat slide Makuni carb, and a WestCo expansion chamber exhaust with polished aluminum end. I also mounted front and rear crash bars, front and rear racks with a nice back rest for the rear passenger on the rear rack, custom metallic blue spare wheel cover, blue wind screen, lots of various mod lights, and a complete array of many Stadium mirrors. It was a full dress mod scooter that hauled ass. I was a partner at the time in the Isla Vista scooter shop called Santa Barbara V3$p@ and Lambretta Works. Even with my whole sale purchasing power I spent several thousand dollars on that scooter. I sold it to a guy named Brando, who was the manager of a bar in Isla Vista called The Anaconda Night Club, for $1,000.00 cash so that he could give it to his girlfriend Claudine. I tracked him down a few years ago and called him to inquire about the location of the scooter. He thinks he remembered it last being at his parents house in Bakersfield, CA. but was not entirely sure. Has anyone seen or come across this scooter in their journeys? Not too many scooters out there with powder coated italian engine cases in a spanish scooter I am guessing. If so, and you know where it might be, I am willing to offer a finders fee, more like a reward, to help me secure it's safe return regardless of it's current condition. I never should have sold that scooter and definitely not for the price I sold it for. Just seemed like the thing to do at the time. Any help would be appreciated. Jack (805) 896-4489
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