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  1. Done. All it needed was generous heat, soft restraint in a vise, and surgical tapping.
  2. Ok, Mark's gonna send me a new one. Good on his part.
  3. Thanks! Most fun ride I've done this year so far. Joe & co. really know how to put on a great event. The location and scenery didn't hurt either.
  4. Carter's here in PDX and runs the Scooter Swap Shop!
  5. Thanks Mike, Rudy and Jamie here in P-Town both have this tool so we'll give it a shot.
  6. So I built an engine for Captain Dave about 3 years and 3000 miles ago, and it wasn't long after that he started complaining of an intermittent gear oil leak. Since it came and went I figured the drive side seal was starting to go (and given that I'd installed a Viton and my past negative experience with these things I figured that was it) so he just kept an eye on it and topped off the oil until he was ready to drop the engine and hand it back to me. Lately, he'd also been complaining of a non-functioning rear brake, and sure enough, removing the rear hub revealed brake shoes that were completely soiled with oil. Aha, I thought, the seal's done, and there's your culprit (breathing a slight sigh of relief that I didn't have to tear everything apart to replace the drive seal). Except I was wrong. Instead, I found this: Here is a pic I dug up from the OG build 3 years ago. The bearing used is in the foreground, with the plastic cage: The plastic cage had basically self-destructed and embedded bits of plastic all over the gearbox. Then half of the balls decided to up and leave... When i tried to remove the layshaft, the whole bearing fell apart leaving me with this: I am going to have fun removing that inner race from the layshaft. i see lots of heat and "surgical tapping" in my near future. Or a dremel. Suggestions welcome, by the way. So the motto is: 1) Change your oil often and look for any bits that come out. 2) If your rear brake suddenly goes to shit, look for oil contamination among other things. 3) Pay attention to any sudden difficulty in shifting. 4) Periodically check that rear wheel/hub for wobble and play. and perhaps most importantly 5) If the bearing has any plastic in it (apart from a seal), ditch it and move on. This could have ended badly. Here's one more pic. Note that the gear shim has a shiny inner circle--it's actually worn a little groove in this area, due to play in the layshaft. That play also defeated the hub seal. Stay safe out there, boys and girls.
  7. Ya know, I have no idea. It was that way when I acquired it.
  8. Pretty much used the jetting for an Indian GP200 as a starting point. Right now I'm at: 50 choke 45 pilot with mix screw about 1.5 turns out 7895-1 slide 5899-2 atomizer 120 main Revs nice and clean through the throttle range but I'll probably go up to a 123 main to be safe. 125 was too boggy. Hope that helps.
  9. So this was my first Lammy, the one that started it all. I call her Betty Blue. Bought in 2004 and ridden all over the place (including up Rocky Mountain National Park, ~12,000 ft). Blew the drive-side seal about 6 years ago. Sat in the back of the garage meanwhile, and worse, I started cannibalizing from it for other projects. Decided to do her right last year so full engine rebuild and she's now running an RT195, Scootopia big bore, OG Delly SH2/22, and BGM high flow mesh filter through the stock airbox. Gearing is stock Italian li150 but with a 16t front sprocket which gives it a nice 4.89 4th gear ratio. Still breaking her in, but already pulling strong and a joy to ride. That Scootopia pipe is also fairly quiet, which is great since my other Lammies are loud as f*ck.
  10. Trudedat Corey. Though when I bought mine he was only offering it on ebay.uk. (Tip: ditch the zip-tie method and use velcro... neater looking and easily removable IMO)
  11. My 1970 DL200 prior to a camping trip to the coast.
  12. I like the suggestion about leak testing.
  13. I am seriously looking into going.
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