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  1. h2thag

    Oil leak

    Thanks. I'll check those things.
  2. h2thag

    Oil leak

    Curses... I dropped the engine to replace the gasket, washers, and nuts. I cleaned all surfaces well and used plenty of copper RTV. I put everything back together. 2nd kick start and idles nicely. I ran it round the block a few times and that was fun. I looked under the bike and same problem! It looks from the underside like oil is leaking from underneath the very left side of the exhaust gasket. Ugh. Imagining the exhaust elbow isn't connected properly (hard to imagine), I still don't understand where the leaking oil comes from if not the 3% mix. When I had the egine off I examined everything to find where oil might be leaking from. Everything else was clean. I'm completely at a loss.
  3. h2thag

    Oil leak

    Thank you, that answer sorta made my day. I'll do that ASAP. Is the leaking oil from the mix that would normally be burned off on it's way out of the exhaust? Yes, it's the BGM. The problem is not at all with the carb but with my patience. I'll run-in the 185 with the sh20, and then I'll switch back to the 24.
  4. h2thag

    Oil leak

    Here goes- Li125 with Casa 185, sh20 carb, clubman exhaust. I had been arguing with a PWK 24 carb without not a lot of luck, so I switched back to the sh20. Great! Starts with 2-3 kicks and idles well. Around the block a few times through the gears, plug is close to OK color. Woo-hoo! I was putting the passenger footrests back on when I discover that, as far as I can tell, oil is "leaking" from both ends of the exhaust u-bend. PICTURES Oil had collected in the middle of it's underside. Huh? Started again fine and warmed her up to check for anything obvious while running. The plug was a bit oily afterwards but I let the gas idle out of the carb to stop. Probably an easy diagnosis and fix, yeah? Ha. Please help.
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