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  1. skinner

    Engine Stands

    I had Nate share a few photos of that rig with me. Made one up just last week, will try to post some photos later.
  2. Mark at Scooter-speed had some dual compound Dunlops in stock the other day. I don't know what model they were but they were super sticky 3.50x10. I had my eye on them but don't really have a need for them at the moment.
  3. I may have that glovebox and air box for you. Let me sniff around after work.
  4. I'll bring a laser pointer so I can point out things that are messed up from the comfort of my lake view whirlpool.
  5. Stopped by the shop today after work with Nick. We met up with Mark and Arlene and got all the pending orders packed and they'll be shipping out tomorrow morning. We'll keep at it after work this week to make sure all the orders get out the door ASAP. For anybody local, we will be at the shop for walk in customers this Saturday from 10:00-5:00. Sadly Mark will not be able to join us as he will be going in for surgery on Thursday. If you're in the area, come in by the shop this weekend for any parts you're looking for and if you're so inclined we will have Scooter-Speed shirts for sale at $20 each to help raise some cash to put at least some sort of dent in the medical bills. Hope to see some of you Saturday.
  6. Mark is going to require a surgery next week. I don't know all the technical mumbo jumbo, but suffice it to say he will be upgraded with performance parts made of titanium and/or carbon. As for the shop, I wil be going by after work a few days each week to help Arlene get orders out he door and restock the incoming inventory. I'll also be there with Arlene all day on Saturday the 11th for normal business hours. If you need parts, the mail order end is uninterrupted. Shop hours will vary so please call before heading over, but next Saturday (July 11) we will be there an open all day. Shop hours after the 11th TBD, but I will post updates here.
  7. The support and turnout from everyone was overwhelming. I hope that everybody had a great time. Thank you all for giving me a weekend that I won't soon forget. Now forgive me I pass out for a week or two.
  8. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. Had an absolute blast
  9. Cheers to skippy, had a blast sir!
  10. Huge thanks to all that came out to make Lammy Jammy such a blast. I hope everyone had a great time.
  11. Just your smiling face Greg. Kidding we have a list of all the names.
  12. Posted at the top of this thread as well. Here's the complete rundown for the weekend's events. by hotspurfc, on Flickr Update: The Bassics are now entertainment for Friday night at T. Boyle's. (get well soon Brian)
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