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  1. Here's the article from the NY Times Magazine: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/09/magazine/weird-al-yankovic.html?action=click&module=RelatedLinks&pgtype=Article and the podcast: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/12/podcasts/the-daily/weird-al-yankovic-coronavirus-music.html?searchResultPosition=1 If either requires a subscription to read or listen, I can try to pdf or mp3 it. Really interesting.
  2. Have you heard the New York Times podcast, the Daily, about Wierd Al’s life? It was a great listen, and they also had an article in their Sunday magazine.
  3. Excellent then! I have two saddles that would work, and they are a matching pair - front and rear. Thanks!!
  4. I just want to know whether the angle of the saddles are the same or different from the two series. The bike I got has no saddles at the moment.
  5. Yes, you push a Lambretta - past a 171 kph!!!
  6. I have never seen anything as stupid looking as this, it mus be the fumes getting to me.
  7. Mario

    scooter cops!

    Got it too - sent one to a friend in England who got me to search for copies.
  8. Screw This! I'm going back to kick start my invisible Lambretta!
  9. I've been shaving wet for over 20 years now, because that's about when I picked up my first and only shaving brush. I used a bunch of different soaps, one of my favorites has been Proraso, seems to do the job. I'll try this other once I finally run down on my stock. Oh, and if tallow skeeves you out, you might as well stop using most all soap out there - if it's listed at all or in it's chemical name sodium talloate or tallow and sodium hydroxide once it's been converted it's not fat anymore. If you are vegan, yeah, I see why.
  10. Well, until we exhaust those leads and can't buy it anymore that would be the last possible way to keep this art alive. I did read the procedure posted before as a way to view a regional DVD, not a way to copy and release it (which could be done) My DVD's work on my desktop and on my $89 portable DVD player. We have the link above, and hopefully with the purchases more will come available.
  11. Nice! I'll pull a Harley too and get two. Will place my order soon, now it's time to sleep and dream happy Lammy Club Badge dreams!
  12. Mario

    Seriously lame

    they're roofing / siding nails for keeping paper or wrap in place, and they're not cheap low-end ones either.
  13. Smokin' hot deal available on a slightly used Vesp.a. Get yours today, or make your own!
  14. Mario

    Clutch arm tool

    email sent - now your mailbox will runeth over. sorry, just drooling about this tool.
  15. Mario

    Clutch arm tool

    All I know is that Mike can get any more PM's as his inbox is full. Hope I can get one...
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