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  1. Booked a room!

    Call the hotel directly, the 1-800 number doesn't know anything about the group discount. When you call the hotel, tell them right away you want to book under the Lammy Jammy group discount and have the front desk person book it, if they transfer you to their reservation people, you'll get the same response as the 1-800 people.

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  2. Please PM myself or any of the other hosts if you're able to sponsor the Jamboree with raffle prizes or items to include the swag bag.

    If you have already donated, thank you, please make sure your company's logo is on our sponsor page. And please send me a high resolution version if you have not done so. Final layouts of the red carpet wall are going to the printers this week.



  3. anyone see that Jam documentary on showtime? the young idea?  it was ok ..... the actor Martin Freeman was on there - he's a Jam fan?




    Not weird, The Jam were great and are right in Martin's wheelhouse.

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