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  1. Looks nice but $8K is more than I am willing to spend on it. I'll be interested to see where the eBay auction ends. It's currently at $4500
  2. Thanks! I forget to regularly check scoot.net. For sale since March eh?
  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282192229596 Genuinely interested, contacted the seller for more details with no response.
  4. My friends and I were just discussing headlight options and the pros and cons of halogen vs LED vs HID. What's the deal with that Jockey's headlight? I don't understand the point of it. It's 35/35 so what makes it better/brighter? Why not just use a halogen for a standard socket?
  5. Thanks Pete for making the trek out to Duluth. It was great seeing you and looking forward to reconnecting again soon. Cheers
  6. Oh, I like that adaptor bracket! Could even try to stash a couple spares behind it. Tail light probably no longer illuminates the license plate which may be skirting the law but almost everything on a vintage scooter skirts the law. Very nice!
  7. Patrick


    Gene's hardware list has changed to this address: http://scootersoriginali.com/blogs/scooters-originali-blog/16420087-lambretta-series-3-hardware-list
  8. I love reading about your rebuilds because your pics and commentary are always very clear.
  9. The metal is soft, and does not need much heat. A few passes around and you're good. Use a long handle socket wrench. Do not use a hammer, vice or anything that is not required for the removal tool. I have put a towel on the mag flange side to protect the stator wires from rouge heat but beyond that, there should be no worries.
  10. It is part # 81008222, good luck Or just go to ace, buy a few M6, M8, M10 at various lengths. Thread pitch doesn't matter if you use a long enough spanner™
  11. Recent article on this http://www.scooterlab.uk/engine-pressure-testing-leak-cheap-tech/
  12. As featured in the April 2015 Gazette http://www.lambrettaclubusa.net/topic/2847-2015-april-gazette/
  13. Because an LI taper crank in a V3$p@ is always a bad idea and prone to breaking
  14. Here you go: Fit piston Torque hardware Measure squish Profit
  15. Patrick


    Yeah, the speed nuts were my first thought but 14mm seemed big for those. Anyway, good you figured it out.
  16. Patrick


    Pics would help. How many do you have? Are you referring to the lock washers on the fork link bolts? http://scootersoriginali.com/collections/lambretta-fork/products/lambretta-fork-link-bolt-and-bushing-kit-4-pieces-italian
  17. That makes sense, this is on a GP 150. Thanks!
  18. Was this three piece front sprocket bolt ever standard or is this a bodge? I've only ever seen the one piece top hat style bolt. No immediate concerns, just curious. Thanks,
  19. Patrick


    Cool and how does that compare to a V3$p@ Allstate of the same year?
  20. Patrick


    Is there a list of original MSRP for each Lambretta model on the Internet anywhere? I've seen the occasional original receipt or anecdotal accounts but nothing authorative or complete. Same for V e s p a.
  21. Patrick


    Wow! I knew there was a few in the works out there but didn't realize there were seven!
  22. We had them for sale. Rockford Rob was also modeling one all weekend. Sorry we missed you, they're available in the store now as well. You should get one. They're really nice. And for a good cause.
  23. That's a really good idea and will certainly help your case. VT titling has always been a hot topic in the scooter world for decades now. Ultimately your state is not legally bound to honor the laws of any other state. It is in their best interest to do so in most cases but they don't have to. People are very passionate that it either works or doesn't. I've had both good and bad experience with it. Really it is up to the DMV person and your state's titling office to decide. I've actually had better luck in recent years, rolling the dice with only a bill of sale. Good luck!
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