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  1. We have decided to cancel. There will be more details as we weigh out options.
  2. The message you posted in the Specialist sub-forum is nearly identical to the post I made regarding the Club magazine - I think in 2015? The big part of my idea was that it should be released at the Jamboree each year. Because this could serve as a yearly tie into the financial reporting obligations, eliminate a bunch of the shipping charges because members will get it at the Jamboree while a huge portion of the remainder could be sent back to be distributed by Ambassadors/regional reps, it could serve as a Jamboree guide as well with maps and itineraries, etc.


    Publish once is the best decision.

    1. Patrick


      That would also work, would help to have the administration be more engaged in the Jamboree planning as well. How can we get this idea off the ground? The last Specialists was terrible. No offense if you had any part of it. The format is hard to read, the content is poor, etc. I literally skimmed it and tossed it.

    2. gone


      The publication of a physical magazine is pure vanity, but I think necessary. I think my original idea had it include the club directory, as well.

      How to get this idea some traction? Hell if I know. I'm not universally liked. Most people dismiss my ideas out of hand.

  3. Looks nice but $8K is more than I am willing to spend on it. I'll be interested to see where the eBay auction ends. It's currently at $4500
  4. Thanks! I forget to regularly check scoot.net. For sale since March eh?
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282192229596 Genuinely interested, contacted the seller for more details with no response.
  6. Booked a room! Call the hotel directly, the 1-800 number doesn't know anything about the group discount. When you call the hotel, tell them right away you want to book under the Lammy Jammy group discount and have the front desk person book it, if they transfer you to their reservation people, you'll get the same response as the 1-800 people.
  7. My friends and I were just discussing headlight options and the pros and cons of halogen vs LED vs HID. What's the deal with that Jockey's headlight? I don't understand the point of it. It's 35/35 so what makes it better/brighter? Why not just use a halogen for a standard socket?
  8. Welcome Kim! Good luck on your rebuild, lots of good resources on this forum. -Patrick https://1965tv175.wordpress.com
  9. Here you go http://bit.ly/lambretta2016
  10. Cool, what is the link? Thanks,
  11. Thanks Pete for making the trek out to Duluth. It was great seeing you and looking forward to reconnecting again soon. Cheers
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