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  1. Patrick

    2018 Lambretta Jamboree Bids and Voting Schedule

    Chords seal the deal for me, voting for CA!
  2. Patrick

    Is an LCUSA member selling this?

    Looks like it sold at $6k
  3. Patrick

    Is an LCUSA member selling this?

    Looks nice but $8K is more than I am willing to spend on it. I'll be interested to see where the eBay auction ends. It's currently at $4500
  4. Patrick

    Is an LCUSA member selling this?

    Thanks! I forget to regularly check scoot.net. For sale since March eh?
  5. Patrick

    Is an LCUSA member selling this?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/282192229596 Genuinely interested, contacted the seller for more details with no response.
  6. Patrick

    2017 Lambretta Jamboree

    Booked a room! Call the hotel directly, the 1-800 number doesn't know anything about the group discount. When you call the hotel, tell them right away you want to book under the Lammy Jammy group discount and have the front desk person book it, if they transfer you to their reservation people, you'll get the same response as the 1-800 people.
  7. Patrick

    Jockey's boxenstop halogen help needed

    My friends and I were just discussing headlight options and the pros and cons of halogen vs LED vs HID. What's the deal with that Jockey's headlight? I don't understand the point of it. It's 35/35 so what makes it better/brighter? Why not just use a halogen for a standard socket?
  8. Patrick

    License plate frame on S3

    Now that is slick!
  9. Welcome Kim! Good luck on your rebuild, lots of good resources on this forum. -Patrick https://1965tv175.wordpress.com
  10. Patrick

    Jammy photos?

    Here you go http://bit.ly/lambretta2016
  11. Patrick

    Jammy photos?

    Cool, what is the link? Thanks,
  12. Patrick

    Thank You For a Great Time

    Thanks Pete for making the trek out to Duluth. It was great seeing you and looking forward to reconnecting again soon. Cheers
  13. I did, thank you. It should be good for print but I'll double check.
  14. Please PM myself or any of the other hosts if you're able to sponsor the Jamboree with raffle prizes or items to include the swag bag. If you have already donated, thank you, please make sure your company's logo is on our sponsor page. And please send me a high resolution version if you have not done so. Final layouts of the red carpet wall are going to the printers this week. http://mnlambrettajamboree.weebly.com/sponsors.html Thanks,