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  1. Thanks. I've got one of the BGM ones that I linked to, but I'm a little confused whether or not it's only suitable for electronic ignition. I assume it doesn't matter, as it seems that a regulator is a regulator, as long as you match the voltage (6v or 12v). Is that true?
  2. Corey, would this regulator work in this conversion? http://jet200.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=842
  3. A 1975 Jet200 that I just bought has been wired up like this. It works well except for the brake light, but I think that's another issue, and nothing to do with this conversion. How does this change convert the stator from 6v to 12v? Also, can you do this with Italian DC stators, or just the Spanish Motoplat ones? Thanks
  4. Felicia, is this your Riverside?
  5. Yeah, do the nickel plating with Eric. I've done three tanks with him and it's the best thing to do. No rust ever again! And they can be painted/powder coated if you want. I like the bare metal look. Makes for a nice conversation starter.
  6. Wait, so 30K is the REAL price??? I thought he just added an extra 0 in his post. Ugh! Anybody know who this is?
  7. Someone's got to have these digitally... save yourself some time and ask whoever was in charge of laying out the magazine first. They can save them as PDFs (if they haven't already). I used to do a ton of print layout and still have digital files of projects from 15 years ago. They've got to be somewhere.
  8. What about dvd regions? UK is region 2 and us and Canada are region 1. As I understand, this might be an issue with North American dvd players.
  9. Oh, I did get it. The fact that it was a smaller one threw me. I found it and thanks!
  10. What issue number was the last Specialist? I might have not received it either.
  11. It seems that there hasn't been one for a while. Same with the official club magazine. Am I crazy? Did it get lost in the mail? No biggie, just wondering. Thanks
  12. I know this is a little late, but Joel Elliot is a great painter and body guy. Here's his site: http://dollyandhammer.com/ He's done two bikes for me and some for friends. I've been happy with all the work so far, and he's reasonable. Jimmy: Is this the 'GP on pico' you speak of? http://www.westcoastgpcycles.com/
  13. Cool. What is his/her name? THanks
  14. I'm getting closer to starting this endeavor but I have a question: So, you get registered in Vermont and you get Vermont plates, right? Then, when they expire, you transfer the registration to your own state (California, in my situation). At that point, what do you tell the DMV? That you just moved from Vermont to Cali? Or that you bought it from a Vermont seller?
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