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  1. That’s cool. I remember seeing something like it at the State fair in Texas. This was the last 60s, when they started letting African Americans go to the fair, haha. That was a long time ago, but I do remember seeing something like that. It was very tall! I was little. Ok Ok! What everybody is going to want to know is. The name of that old company in New York?
  2. That Lambo is crazy-cool and in great condition. Was that Lambro use at a state fair or on the streets, selling ice cream?
  3. Buried in that junk pile, are too good seats. You can even see the rear seat. I would only needs the cover. I’m a long way from needing that, but thanks.
  4. I cleaned up and restore the stator plate and flywheel from the Junk LD I picked up. I’m getting a little closer with my LD 150 project. Not! haha.
  5. Thanks for the EIBAR information, guys! The LD that I was drawing, was supposed to be a Italian LD150, so I scratched using the EIBAR Spanish badge. The info knock a few hours off my artwork time. I kept the green color scheme, and hop the Italian LD 150 came in a green color, haha. Here’s the finish artwork, I hope you guys like it. ASD Scooter Designs
  6. WhatUp guys. I’m working on a LD illustration, and found this green LD. I’m not a fan of the color, but it started to grow on me. I’m painting my illustration with this green, and wanted to know about the badge on it? The LD looks like it has this Gold and Red badge on it. Lambretta EIBAR Question 1. Is this EIBAR badge a original badge for the LD 150? 2. What the heck is EIBAR? 3. Does the green color have anything to do with the EIBAR badge. I’m sure one of you guys will know the answer.
  7. More LD junk to disassemble! Daniel picked up this LD at a scooter rally, because he wanted the taillight. Then sold/traded me the rest of the junk, haha. I needed the handlebar, and clamps. So I reluctantly took it. The LD was in Fort Worth, where Andrew lives. I wanted to stop by and see his LD project. I couldn’t wait to get there, just to show up when Andrew was remodeling his house, with the LD in storage at another location. That was a bummer! I did, see that cool LD motor he’s working on. Andrew does clean and detail work. It was fun to finally meet Andrew in person, with Daniel. I get the LD home. What a f__king nightmare, with that old rusty junk smell. When Daniel sold/pawned the rest of the LD off on me. Daniel said, look Anthony, the motor turns over free! Daniel did his best sales pitch! I pull the head off. No Piston! We laughed our asses off! Yes The Motor Turned Free! This always amazes me. The LD was a rusting piece of junk. I pull off the flywheel, and the stator plate parts look good. If the sparkplug coil was hooked up, this motor would have had spark! haha. It took a days to safely remove these parts. To disassemble the handlebar, and restore the rest will take a week. Fun fun fun! As for the LD body and frame. I now have a LD graveyard in my storage. When I finish my LD 150 project, there will be a big LD giveaway! haha. Anthony Armstrong AnthonyScooterWork.com ASD Scooter Designs
  8. WhatUp Lambretta Club! Working on my 1959 Series 2 project. I made a How To, set up the kick-start shaft and lever. It’s never this easy, but you might get lucky, and only have to do this! haha. a. The kick-start lever should be flat on the case stop. b. Loosen the 3 Cam bolts. c. Then slide the Cam by tapping it, in the direction, where the center of the piston pen, will stop inside zone (c). Tighten down the Cam bolts, close the case, and have fun! (Note: The extreme problems below are most likely caused by aftermarket Kick-start Levers and Shafts.) Kick-start - Engaging Motor Fix. Half or one piston/motor turnover, with one kick can be annoying. If the kick-start is set up correct, you should get 2 are more turnovers, with the force of one kick. A lot of times I would get one motor turnover, with one kick. This was the problem I had with my 1961 series 2 motor. In photo 1, the kick-start lever is down that far, when the kick-start piston-gear come out, and slide down the Cam guide. By the time the foot lever hit’s the ground, the motor only turns over once. Here’s how I worked on fixing this problem. I used vice-grips on the Cam. Locking the kick-start shaft in the spot, where the piston gear starts to come out. This is the position of the lever, with the shaft locked on the other side. The goal is to close gap (a), just before the piston gear comes out on the other side. The next thing to do, is rotated the kick-start lever up a few notch’s. Fitting flat under the case stop. A lot of times, it will only fit above the case stop. This is okay. My lever ended up fitting on, around (b) area. With the kick-start lever halfway on. Move the lever down and under the case stop, then push the lever all the way on. These are Cam guides for the kick-start piston gear. (d) Cam was in the motor. Cam (c) maybe an original series 1 or 2 part I found in my junk box, that I’m going to use now. With the new position of the lever, Cam (c) works better. I modify Cam (c) so it could slide further. The Cam was hitting the case at (b1) spot. This is a common problem with most Cam’s. The grading in photo 6, gave the Cam more distance to travel in the direction of (e). Just right! This is the way it should look. The piston-gear pin is ready to slide down the Cam guide, the moment you hit the kick-start lever. I thought about making the engage spot, faster in photo 8. It’s not necessary, but this will improve the engage speed! If you have the time and guts. Go for it. Just don’t screw up, haha! (Note: The angle of the cut has to be identical otherwise, the piston-gear pen will not slide back correct!) Anthony Armstrong - Dallas Texas AnthonyScooterWork.com ASD Scooter Designs
  9. 1st Annual Texas United Scooter Rally put on by Daniel Smith in Fredericksburg Texas, June 8 to 11, 2017. The NTNOA motorcycle guys I hangout with, always talk about the good riding and roads in Fredericksburg. I had to make Daniel scooter rally to see what the hype was all about. On the first ride, we rode to a tourist attraction called Enchanted Rock. Riding up to the park wasn’t impressed until I looked closer. From far away, Enchanted Rock looked like a small mount with weeds. The State Parks was closed when we rode up, because of overcrowding. Then I use my camera to zoom into the area. I was impressed! The weeds I thought I was, were people walking on Enchanted Rock. The closer you get to Enchanted Rock. It gets bigger, like some type of weird optical illusion. Enchanted Rock (State Natural AREA Texas Parks and Wildlife Department) The roads and countryside around Fredericksburg was beautiful with very little traffic. Back at the campground. Brandon wanted to do a longer scooter ride on his P200 to some well-known curvy roads called The Three Sisters. This photo below was taken about 50 miles out, at the beginning of one of the Three Sisters route. He said the ride would be about 100 miles with speeds around 50 mph. Bullshit! Brandon was flying on that P200. I had to tuck down on my Li 150 just to keep up with the group. I tucked behind one of those big Burgman scooters for miles. I had a death grip on the handlebars, holdfast style the entire time. My Lambretta was running wide open for hours. This scooter ride turned into a endurance of will! The curvy road in this photo was cool, but there were miles of holdfast scooter riding to get too the other curve. The next photo was taken about 80 miles from the campground, where one of the vintage V3$p@ broke down. We ended up riding over 180 miles. At each stop, the palms of my hands were numb from me squeezed out all the blood, with a death grip. I had fun, but a long fast scooter ride (On Vintage Suspension!) was a beat down! Videos at this link! Anthony Armstrong AnthonyScooterWork.com ASD Scooter Designs
  10. WhatUp Lambretta club Some of you know about Daniel Smith getting the Silver Special Lambretta. I saw this scooter a number of years back at a rally. The scooter was complete, but a bit crusty. If I remember correct, the guy wanted to get it worked on, but didn’t have the extra cash at the time. 2017 Daniel gets the scooter, hopping to start riding it right away. That didn’t happen? The reason? The motor needs rebuilding! It’s a good thing he didn’t keep trying to ride it, because there were a number of things wrong, that needed to be fixed immediately. Here’s where my story starts. Daniel needed a parts list. I couldn’t make the list until I got the Dam rear hub off! It was like, welded on. I tried all of my old school tricks. It wouldn’t come off. It’s time to finally buy a Lambretta hub puller tool! I went online to buy the tool, and every shop was sold out. I didn’t want to stop working, so I made one. I went to Lowe’s and picked up, 3mm thick washers that would fit over the rear hub axle threads perfect. I got lucky with this washer because drilling the center hole out would have been a pain. This 3mm thick washers had a UAJ stamp on it. It should be easy to find. I picked up 1½ inch bolts to fit in the hub’s three pulley holes. I found this Harbor Freight, Tie Rod/Pitman Arm Puller. It look like it might work, with what I was thinking of doing. I use regular paper to make a template. You can use the washers center for a guide to cut out your starter hole or make a punch tool out of a old socket like I did. This is the only times dirty parts come in handy. Place the paper over the hubs axle and simply rub your finger over the area to make the hole pattern mark. This part is very important. The punch marks has to be center. I taped the pattern to the washer. Then flipped it over to make the punch marks. To save time drilling out the washers. I use vice grips to hold them together. I needed something to lineup washers and found the backend of a socket worked great for this. Using a drill press for this part is the only way to go. If I drill it with a hand drill, I would have broken every drill bit I own. Most of you hardcore gear-heads know to start with a small drill bit first. The last drill bit size I used was 9/32. I had to modify the puller arms, to center the puller on the hubs axle. The puller worked great. That Silver Special rear hub wasn’t coming off easy. When I tighten the puller screw, It didn’t budge. I was hopping the bolts wouldn’t strip out the hub, because of the pressure. I kept turning the screw. Then it released like a gun going off. I haven’t worked on a hub seized up like this in a long time. The Silver Special had a few other parts welded by corrosion. This will be a great scooter when Daniel work out a few small problem. The Harbor Freight, Tie Rod/Pitman Arm Puller cost $14. All together the hub tool cost $18, and took a few hours to make. I used 3 washers for this project. 4 washers would have been better. I could see the 3 washers beginning to bend just before the hub released. Anthony Armstrong anthonyscooterwork.com ASD scooter designs
  11. Hello guys. I finally made it to a scooter rally this year. Austin Hill Country Classic 2017 I’ve been too broke, sick, busy, shooting motorcycle drag racing and more. I found the time to loaded up the scooter on my shitty harbor freight trailer, hopped in my 1990 Acura Integra and made it to Austin. I always love riding vintage scooter in Austin, and had a good time at the Hill Country Classic. The camping situation sucked. The rally organizers can’t be blamed, because the campground owners change the rules for scooters, out of the blue. That sucked. Life goes on, time to ride scooters. The raffle bike was funny! With that rusty DL front fender. I saw the guy riding it in the parking lot. Thinking, why would he do that, just to find out it’s the raffle bike, Texas style. haha Up to no good! Here’s the link to my photos and video homepage: http://www.getbent-sc.com/hill-country_classic2017/austin_hill_country_classic_home.htm
  12. If you noticed, I try not to put Lambretta on any of my artwork. At anytime a company can show-up and say they own the name. I always put Lam for short. I could have made the L taller, then someone will complain Lambretta’s don’t have a spoiler, haha. Some people will never like my artwork, but I love drawing!
  13. Right after posting this artwork, I started thinking the Lambretta Devil guy would make a cool shirt by itself. It took me all night to do the new version. I like this version, and added the design to my ASD scooter collection. Lam ONLY Black Devil scooter rider: http://www.redbubble.com/people/yj8dsk57/works/24851428-lambretta-black-devil-only-guy?ref=work_more_artist_works
  14. Here’s a black color version of the TV 175 Lambretta I drew in 2015. Painting black in Photoshop is one of the hardest things for me to do, without turning the black color, gray, haha. I hope you guys like the redraw, and my take on the Lambretta guy, haha.
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