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  1. Super flash!! Love em 😍
  2. Tinman

    M/Nissin Numbers

    Great info, many thanks Stu and Thomas!!!
  3. Wondering if anyone has the Nissin part numbers for the caliper & pads used on the RS outboard kits... Many thanks!
  4. Tinman


    New from Sticky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=15&v=PXrsWjAKKU4
  5. The New York City Vintage Scooter Array has a new website - come check us out: www.nycvsa.comThanks Thomas Groll for building/hosting the space!
  6. Digging the fresh look and cycling photos - propa webby!
  7. Tinman

    Thank You

    Second all the above! There is no better Lambretta caretaker than Brooklyn Pete! Great event and mint raffle build - thanks to Scooters Originali and everyone who put this on! And to those who purchased a Scooter Cops of Bed-Stuy coin, please PM me your email address so you can get updates on the film! Here is a special message to all you backers of this cool project: https://vimeo.com/211430878/c9c8960041 Cheers, Zachary
  8. Yeah, just replaced the gearset with another LI150 box and same issues - hard to kick and a little noise from neutral... other than that its runs great:/
  9. Nope, new SIL gear selector... S3 LI125 case w/ LI150 Gearbox, re-shimmed, RT195 kit, ScootRS kickstater to fit S3 engine with S1 body...
  10. I'm having trouble with kicking over a new engine build on my series 1. I really have to stand on the lever - not the case with my other bikes. Additionally, I have a noise in the gearbox when in neutral, I goes away if I slightly shift the handlebar towards 1st or 2nd. Is this a clearance issue with the kickstart shaft, plunger or is the sliding dog doing something strange in the gears?
  11. Here is another rental place near Siena - anyone tried it? http://www.bellinibruno.com/rental-sangimignano/rental-vintage-V3$p@/rental-vintage-V3$p@.htm
  12. That's a damn good obituary - would have liked to have met him!
  13. What in the holy name of Lambretta... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlHDU3XTmNg https://youtu.be/IlHDU3XTmNg
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