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  1. Not open on Monday and it's best to call between 1700-1745 or try https://www.oiltek.co.uk/detail.asp?id=208
  2. I tried every bulb and every add on but nothing works like this, http://www.jockeys-boxenstop.de/shop/en/klarglasscheinwerfer-h1-12v35-35w-4104.html On our Thursday club meets I'm everyone's best friend when we leave the countryside pub
  3. I asked a friend who has a home in Florida and the uk and he says UK std unleaded "95"octane is what you call 90/91 octane in the USA UK "super" "97/99"octane is what you call 92 /93 octane in the USA He said you have Oxygenated Gas over there ?!?!?! He's not sure if that's just a high ethonal fuel but he says mx racers steer clear of it
  4. My Ex Spanish postal V3$p@ fitted with a 220cc polini kit and using the 26/26 carb and a https://www.facebook.com/Marmitta-Megadella-543821785632925/ exhaust does 15 MPL (57 usmpg)
  5. Now sorted by dellorto uk who have sold me a black float £22 or $32 for you. They tell me the uk market carbs now only have black floats and any carb with white/clear floats are for other markets and are usually supplied via Germany. They wouldn't tell me what market but it isn't Germany
  6. Have you seen this before ?? It's a new one on me.
  7. I couldn't trust the bgm crank after their ignition failed on me so I went with the hand made mito
  8. Sorry it was my only one and is now in the post to Boulder CO
  9. PM me your address and I'll post it out tomorrow
  10. If anyone wants this and a a few of our club goodies let me know.
  11. Darrell Taylor does the perfect exhaust for mid to high rev tunes the tsr evo exhaust, I believe he modifies the pipe and adds his own tail pipe.
  12. Look up John brano Branson at the Barwell Lambretta Museum Travel & Transportation He has a great collection He is on Facebook or just google him
  13. John at http://www.jbtuning.co.uk/JBTuning.html is the man to ask
  14. Not for me thanks I'm now heading the other way less bhp more mpg
  15. I don't know why but scooter sites are not allowed on the company supplied messroom computer !! But train wreck sites are
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