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  1. Woops Thanks for the info.... thought I had the v1 lifetime tank. So who created my tank...? It's 5 plus years old and in perfect shape. Since its not metal it'll never rust or need a liner which provides great peace of mind to me. Love it
  2. Only the old version (nope... not a jet200 tank I'm informed) had this feature Maybe a v3 might...? Hint hint Jet200.com Edited post
  3. My older 1st generation of the lifetime tank (isn't I'm told) has a clear section on its front for checking fuel level. Sure is handy... but I still run out of fuel. Ha Edited post
  4. The LED fuel tap has no RES... it's ON or OFF. The ON setting empties tank all the way till its dry.... but the light turns on which is slick. There is never that moment when rider pulls clutch / reaches down to turn tap to RES.Way safer I think I'll get one I think It's only money And the RES on my 3 gallon tank is a few inches of fuel... thats over 50 miles.
  5. Get the fast flow tap with low light led hot wire.... run wire to headset to unused gem. Done
  6. I like the rear frame horizontal spare racks...
  7. My tool kit is huge and has everything I need for about any task.... I even made up a compact rear hub holder n case I need to pop off hub to fix the rear brakes Weighs about 25lbs
  8. Carry a full size spare It's easy Swapping a spare takes minutes compared to hrs if the rum is rusted / fused with tire Or get a flat in a rain storm at 2am without a flashlight, no cell service and tell us how that goes
  9. Cray cray At 3.5 this can only occurs if rings were not gapped to spec or oil was just not good enouph for the heat
  10. That was runing way hot Please correct the reason before you start riding new bits Timing check Mixture check Squish check and while it's apart have a pro check bore yo piston clearance measured at correct location on bore and piston... it should be a bit over 3.5 thousands of an inch. Not 35 thousands of an inch. I've bought kits that came way too tight for what was going for. One came to me at 2 thousands and would have looked like that in a 100 miles. Bring new piston and iron kit yo a machine shop.... I do every time to be sure things are safe
  11. Dave.... I was looking at your flicker pics and noticed your flywheel tin is a bit strange. Can you post up a better picture or 2. It looked like the cooling tin was miss shapened or the wrong one for your flywheel. If so that would cause top end to run way too hot = booom
  12. Decoke Check you squish this time around.... set it to 1.25mm
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