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  1. Well, I am considering selling this again... As much as I wish I didn't have to, I am looking into buying a house and need to liquify for the downpayment. The irony is that the house I am looking at has a big garage/workshop space where I could store and work on this... but I need to sell in order to buy! Please search previous posts to see what I have done. I will include several boxes of spare parts, including the original short barrel etc. I think $2,600 is more than fair. Nick
  2. UPDATE So my series 1 has been sitting parked for over a year. I have someone who is potentially interested in buying. I did a very cursory clean up this morning, took photos, started it up etc. it has cosmetic issues but is solid. I am probably into it for around $5.000, I know I cannot recoup that kind of money, what is the opinion as to the current value? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d0h1x2bvtsvud2d/AAAGVwlNwlVj4KMWKXytiyCGa?dl=0 Thanks, Nick
  3. Sorry this isn't Lambretta related but I thought using the LCUSA network might help with this quest. My nephew is coming to Napa from the UK to do an internship at a Vineyard/Winery for 4 months. He has somewhere to live that is 90 minutes by bus to the vineyard but only 20 minutes by car. Does anyone have/know of cheap car he could buy, and sell upon leaving? Or, perhaps, someone is willing to rent him something? Thanks in advance, Nick
  4. Yeah it doesn't look that good now. The rattle can paint job isn't holding up and it has some scraps and dings.
  5. Regular airbox, 150 motor but with long barrel, (still have the original short barrel) had been repainted many times ands was sandblasted back to bare metal. New gaskets and rubber. Body has taken a bit of a beating since this photo, also changed to a regular seat in beige. Have the original seat frames but not the covers.
  6. I am, sadly, thinking about selling my 1958 Series 1 Li 150. This machine has been stripped down and rebuilt, including a professional engine rebuild by a local Dallas guy. No issues with the engine. Frame and body taken apart sandblasted, primed etc. however I couldn't afford a pro body work and paint job so just did the rattle can thing. Since it has had a few dings etc. Basically ridable as is, potential project... Comes with extra parts etc. I need to clean it up a little for current pics, and will post soon. You can search my previous posts here for history. My question is... What is a reasonable asking price? N
  7. So... One of the jobs I find the most difficult and awkward is the toolbox installation. So much so that the bolts work their way loose and I find myself having to do it again. Is there a special knack to the job that I might not be aware of or is it just one of those chores to power through? N
  8. Well, my Washington DC trip was such a whirlwind that i wouldn't have had time to meet anyone anyway! However I did see this beautiful Series 2 Li 150 on the street, maybe a block or two from the FBI building! Does this belong to an LCUSA member? https://www.instagram.com/p/BEdi7AkH6QB/?taken-by=nickyoung
  9. I have probably left this way too late, life has been hectic! I will be in Washington DC for the next two days, April 20-21 for a photo/video shoot. I was curious if there is a place/bar that DC area LCUSA may be meeting up tomorrow night? (4/20) Nick
  10. Ok, This may be my problem. I can only find the temp card, they must have sent something with the plates or stickers that I missed...
  11. Did you just a temporary registration card/slip of paper or something more?
  12. Ok, bringing this thread back! I just tried to get my TX plate and title after doing this VT registration. I was told that the temp VT registration was not enough to prove ownership and that I still needed to go the TX bonded title route. The lady had clearly not dealt with this before and had to reference a book and consult with a colleague... Has anyone else run into this? Nick
  13. Dude, I'm just messing with you, it was nobody's fault.
  14. I notice you left out the part where you all left me stranded on the Saturday ride and I had to call AAA to get home!
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