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  1. The rt195 uses 200 barrel intake manifold, the casa is probably better for using the original carb and exhaust
  2. Dean from deanspeed is building up one for his bonneville motor, looks really nice compared to SIL
  3. Yes it did sell, to me (graciously takes bow)
  4. If fork is in and tightened correctly, maybe there is play in the headset clamp. Make sure the bolts that hold the headset bottom to the clamp are on and tightened all the way. With the weight of the bike i think it should be pretty difficult to move the actual fork up and down if it is in fact tightened down properly
  5. I kinda would think with that setup it should pull fine in 4th gear and an extra tooth on the front sprocket. what is your jetting set at? How is your bottom end performance before half throttle? What type of air filter? also 120 kph is pretty quick on a scoot, 74.4mph, i would say that is better than most.
  6. Oiltek are great. Massive capacity and install fairly easily. Very good quality
  7. I also have a jet 200 motor with same issue, maybe its a serveta issue or they used bigger mounts later down the production line? Mine is a late serial number 5598xx
  8. Dean speed has some nice progressive springs too for bargain, think i paid $40 for mine and love them
  9. Wanna trade 2 faster Lambretta's for your old slow one?
  10. Dude, corazzo makes awesome luggage bags for any motorcycle. saddle bag style, top straps lay under the seat, and seems to have good amount of storage room
  11. Since the flywheel puller bolt is too short to push the flywheel off the crank, i used the flywheel nut on half the threads of the crank to take up the space between the short bolt and the crank. Once the flywheel pops off the taper i just remove the nut and flywheel by hand
  12. I had this issue about 2 years ago, i just undid the flywheel nut a few threads and then used that to take up the space needed to pull the flywheel off
  13. Big fan of the LTH 7 plate clutch as an alternative to BGM. Similar cost, but have yet to have one LTH misbehave at all
  14. i bought one, no stamping or makers mark anywhere, side by side looks identical to a scootRS copy. will update once i install
  15. i ordered a bag of 25 from jet200, you shouldn't really need female bullet connectors i don't think, but if you are going rogue, you can find them at any auto parts store
  16. They are RD350 reeds, vforce make an awesome replacement, as well as BGM, pinasco, and some other manufacturers. Same reed used in other scooter brand mmw reed block intake. I would ask mark at scooter speed if he has any laying around, or order some through jet 200. Pretty painless and pretty quick as far as shipping. Tons more info on MB website as well
  17. Was chatting about this to Dean(deanspeed) the other day, let us know how its shaping up, some west coasters I'm sure would be interested
  18. Has anyone tried the vforce 3 reed instead of stock?
  19. Skinner ran the RB20 and was pretty quick. Although SS claims close to 30hp, havent ridden one yet but would imagine it would be faster than RB20
  20. i heard you wanted a pink cylinder head, is that true?
  21. You always have good stuff and always very reasonably priced Chris. I was tempted on those cases but i still havent touched my GT case yet
  22. That setup seems like it would be very peaky, no? Maybe 4th and 5th would be happier if you came in screaming from 3rd?
  23. Yes it is dawson motor, i know mike well and he is a stand up guy and very respectable builder and tuner. The engine replacing the dawson motor is based on the new casa performance case crank and ss225 piston in a watercooled modified ts1
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