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  1. This Saturday, LCUSA members Hongsta, Downey and I, rode from Newport Beach to Planet Lambretta. It was perfect SoCal weather for a ride up the coast. Planet Lambretta is incredible! I would recommend it to anyone interested in any sort of vintage transportation but it’s an absolute must for all members of LCUSA. The owner/curator Harmik is an unbelievably nice guy and his love and passion for these machines is evident in all the detail and thought that he has put into Planet Lambretta. I have attached some photos along with a youtube link hongsta uploaded
  2. Are you planning a LA/OC run to Seattle and back? Or if anyone in SoCal is making the drive and wants to share the cost please let me know. Thank you Tom
  3. Can you explain this, Piston upside down vs ...... right side up? Thank you
  4. I was in a similar situation, I didn’t want to pay or wait for the shipping of a tool that I would use only a handful of times. My dad cut this out of a piece of oak then drilled a bolt and filed that bolt down. It works really well.
  5. Can someone explain how to install this clip Thank you
  6. San Francisco 2018! You can ride all 0 miles to the Jammy!
  7. I wanted a stock look with more functionality and I saw someone do it online. I Googled “lambretta airbox holes”, and it’s about the 4th imagine and I figured hey it’s on the internet it must be a good idea.
  8. Well you pretty much nailed it – I am running a Mikuni because it came with my bike (brand new in the box) with a TON of jets and needles. The bikes previous owner bought the bike in the late 90’s and had ambitions to restore it but only got as far as taking it apart and having wclw rebuild the engine (bored to 175cc). I figured I would run the set up that came with the bike but am having a hell of a time getting it dialed in. So being a casual rider/wrencher – You have convinced me that Dellorto is a much better choice for my bike/type of ridding. I am thinking PHBL 24, because I can just bolt it on to the current manifold. What would be good starting point? I am at sea level. I am running a BGM filter and because I was told Mikunis love to breath I cut a giant ass hole in my air box. I hope this wont be a problem.
  9. After about a 5 mile ride, I decided to pull my sparkplug and take a look, despite the fact I am not sure what I am looking for. I put in a new plug right before the jamboree so I have around a 100 miles on this plug. I am still breaking in my motor so mostly ¼ - ½ throttle, 4% mix 175cc Mikuni 24 4dh7- 2 notch down Main 175 Pilot 30 BGM big box clubman Thoughts?
  10. California decided to capitalize on the popularity of black and yellow plates from the 60’s. The main difference from the 1960’s plates is that the “CAL” is on the right side instead of the center. I have included a link for any interested California residents. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/wcm/connect/6d97bdef-c5b1-46ee-a558-28ab938e4ec3/reg17.pdf?MOD=AJPERES
  11. Glad you guys made it home safe! Congratulations on the furthest ridden award Good job!
  12. Yes hopefully hes good and if hes not, hopefully Honda Hollywood has this sign posted somewhere on their building
  13. The form is the same for motorcycles or cars - form L-91, B-91. There is a small loophole https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/vr/spcnsreg · Official brake and light adjustment certificates. When an official brake and light station that inspects specific vehicles such as motorcycles and large commercial vehicles is not located within a reasonable distance, DMV will accept a Statement of Facts (REG 256) from a repair shop attesting that the brakes and lights are in proper working order. Brake and light certificates are not required for off-highway vehicles or trailers weighing less than 3,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.
  14. Yikes! I am sorry brake and lamp for a scooter is beyond a nightmare. They will want to pull your hub inspect your pads. They might get hung up on something like front brake light switch, dot glass lense,blinkers who knows! What paperwork did you get from your first inspection? L-91, B-91? 85 bucks is a bargin if you pass. Good luck
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