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  1. Well done Tim!! Not sure if you know but is there any talk of shipping? A container and or single bike shipping? I am interested for sure.
  2. No you didn't get fucked. Send it back to MB they replaced mine. Same thing happened to me. They replaced the crank and flywheel for free.
  3. There were DL150 East Coast and I have seen two DL200 imported to SF originally. I have one in possession that has history from new from NJ and I know of another with history from new out of Virginia.
  4. Float Needle Valve? 3.50 - 3.00 Idle 65 or 68 http://www.lambrettaspares.com/info/setting-up-*-mbgm-rt-cylinders/setting-up-*-mbgm-rt-cylinders+255.html
  5. Skippy I had to watch it two times as well . That thing is really bad ass !!!! I still have a smile
  6. Fuck !! I thought I annoyed my neighbors !!! The people around Rimni must love the new tenants !!! I love the development it is really cool but my BGM RT does it me just fine !!
  7. Just like MR G said buy them and ride them!!!!!! Theres nothing like running my 200DL down the road I would give 7K plus for it every day ! I would give more than that for that SX ( Very nice Mr G ) its all in the eye of the beholder. I just hope the new owner does not restore that machine that shold be the real topic . Its not about the money its about the hobby ENJOY THEM - RIDE THEM
  8. J Range !!!!! They just don't get the respect !! I love mine rode it today in-fact
  9. Looking for PPG code for Fiat Aluminum 8081 ??
  10. Curbsideprofit


    tsc That TV200 was awesome to see and it got down the road awesome !!! Especially two up !! Thanks for stoping to help me with the stuck carb float
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