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  1. NICE ! could you image if the legshield badge continued with that i above the m. that would have been an awesome little detail.
  2. I guess I didn't hear the weekend part!!! haha.
  3. yeah, I was looking for it to be posted here or on craigslist like in the past - so I missed it. Anyone have pictures or can let me know where you rode?
  4. that's really cool. I want to see more pictures!
  5. the guys at work got me in contact with a set designer getting props for the online and print catalog back in June. they were looking for a red/white vintage scoot (they made that specific) for the Christmas catalog. last year they had a newer primavera or sprint - can't tell the difference. turned out okay. looking back I should have changed the horn grill over to red instead of chrome. http://www.potterybarn.com/shop/holiday-decor/mad-for-plaid-christmas-tree/
  6. yeah, sold it to damon and I heard a certain shop took tons of stuff off it when it was in there for repairs - maybe part of the reason why it's not on the road? I missed that color scheme and just had some SX panels done in a competition orange for the TV. (Mike it actually matches your On The Lam water slide). I've had my series 1 for 6 years or so, but I'll always like S2's just that little bit more and eventually would like to get another later on....
  7. I bought this bike from harmik early 2000's when it was yellow/white. had the yellow parts repainted orange but went down on some black ice maybe 2006. sold it and now looking back it's my biggest sale regret. a sprint v was my v.espa regret. these photos are from after the crash.
  8. yeah, for sure I'll have a battery next time for checks! I was finally able to get out side and nothing at first but after a few pulling and pushing wires into terminals - that black from the ignition met up with purple and grey. this made more since to me after seeing all the power wires active in key position 3.
  9. thank you Gene. yeah, I think the problem is two oranges and the double black all in the same terminal (that 5th picture down) ...but this is how it was when I pulled the old switch, but what you said and looking at a wire diagram - I'm going to group them all together. I haven't kicked it over yet since it's in the kitchen. thanks for having that switch in stock. I was SO bummed when I lost my only ignition key and this showed up just in time for the weekend.
  10. dang, I should have taken pictures of the wiring before I took everything out of the bulb holder, but did make some notes. In the end I have a black from the ignition switch that I overlooked. does anyone know where it goes? I see the double black - one to the speedo bulb and the other from the harness (guessing to the running light). right now I put the black into a terminal under blue. I did some searches and looked at a couple wiring diagrams, but just checking if anyone knows what terminal it would be best to put in? thanks -david here's the old switch here I shoved black into the terminal under blue black under blue double black - goes to speedo and running light
  11. I'll be at the meet up, not sure on the ride yet...
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