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  1. NYT's is giving some bit of free access due to The Covids. I can read and listen to the podcast w/o a subscription. Anyone should be able to right now.
  2. No I haven't. If you want to see something weird.. Weird Al with normal hair and not looking all Tiny Tim like.
  3. Could someone post the photo of Weird Al as a child on the back of his father's Lambretta? Thanks Found it.
  4. I've tried to straighten a stand using the length of iron sleeve (fencepost) method. You can't. It flexes in the middle. Perhaps you could do it with it the stand in a vice, but probably not. The repop scootopia stands are top notch. Clint
  5. Interesting find at 4:25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr32SUs9HvA
  6. Had an interesting ride today. About 1/2 mile from my house I started to hear a buzzing noise coming from my scooter. Rode home, and took off side panel. Spark plug cap had popped off and the scooter kept running! I probably didn't put the cap on securely to begin with, but have never experienced this. Video (how do I imbed?): IMG_2830.mov
  7. I paid $50 bucks for the medallion about 5 years ago, less box and papers. I'd guess this all to be worth $80 with the additional items.
  8. Use PTFE tape on the threads of the tube. Works for all tubed stuff, including super glue which is what I use it for.
  9. Here you go Tony. I think this was from Rimini's FB or possibly SLUK: In case anyone missed this post earlier by Dean at Rimini Lambretta (Casa partner) - exciting times ahead “Casa Performance has a few J / Vega related projects being worked on at the moment including the ali driveside oilseal plates for both 3/4 speed cranks, 5 speed gearboxes for Starstreams & Vegas, a multi-disc clutch set up and we're just putting the final touches on two 150cc cylinder kits (one is a 12bhp simple upgrade and the other is a 25bhp balls-out race kit). Once we get the SSR's out of the way, these will go into production.”
  10. Before you go elongating anything, just loosen the screws and take it out to its furthest most position and retighten. Worked for me with a BGM flywheel and s3 flywheel shroud. I would say the BGM flywheel indeed sticks out further than the original flywheel.
  11. Lambretta J50 Deluxe purchased from Tony Scott a couple years or so ago. Lots of fun to ride around. Super nimble and light. Upgraded Engine: 75cc kit- Casa Lambretta Parmakit Carburetor : SHB 19/19 carb - Dell’Orto 60 choke 76 Main 42 Pilot 13T Front Sprocket - DRT Racing Close-Ratio gear cluster 18T 3rd gear - DRT Racing 75 link chain G67WZ x 75e - IWIS Big bore exhaust - Casa Lambretta Can do 35 mph comfortably. Next upgrade is a brake light. J50s don't have them - just a running taillight which is a bit unsafe and probably not legal. To the trainspotters, the choke is backwards. Clinton [edit] ultra rare left side engine as seen in the first picture
  12. Just want to give the heads up to those who may not know, but these signs are fake. A batch has been made recently and are popping up on Ebay. They are being sold under different user accounts but are from the same seller, along with their other phony signs. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lambretta-Scooters-Dealer-porcelain-sign-Milan-Italy-motorcycle-bike-Innocenti-/272032948518?hash=item3f566d6126:g:BUcAAOSwwbdWNUnq Clinton
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