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  1. Glad you got it Pete! I know you've been hot for a lammy up in Alaska for a long time. Tall
  2. Members get their spouses at members rate, I think kids under 12 would be free. (This only applies if they attend rally events and the dinners. If they are going to come with and freestyle, then no need to register) This is a family friendly event in an area they will love to visit so we encourage you to bring them along. They will have a great time for sure! My family brought me when I was about 8 and I still remember riding horses through Custer State Park, going through the tunnels on Needles Highway and feeding burrows on the Custer Wildlife Loop. Plan a few extra days and if the kids are old enough, go to Evan's Plunge in Hot Springs.
  3. So does the premium Indian kickstart. We don't want no inferior Italian job doing the work only a manly Indian part should be trusted to do. Seat is correct actually. I'd even go so far as to assume it's original.
  4. Yep, I'd chuck it and replace the whole shootn' match. Then you'll know what you have and won't have to worry about taking the whole thing apart just because it's still failing after the repair.
  5. Well the jigs up, we are giving away a genuine eyetalian DL125 at this years Jamboree. Super special shout out to Denver James for the hook up and transport of this extra special machine. We sent out feelers to members trying to find the right machine to raffle and recieved a ton of generous offers so thanks everyone for that. We ended up settling on the DL because we got a good price, free transport from our sponsor Denver James, the official Transporter of the LCUSA, and seriously it's a DL. That's just wicked cool and the icing on the cake of what promises to be a seriously incredible experience for everyone that attends. Look out world!
  6. Ding ding ding ding! You sir are the winner! Pick a t shirt out from the club store and everyone else grab a hold of your seats because this year's raffle scooter is a genuine DL125! Benji was close with an early 150. It's an early 125 and features the cast aluminum rear grill in color matched paint. Missing a few bits that we are getting but I cleaned the tank and carb, installed a new fuel tap and it runs choice. A real special machine that I'm sure any enthusiast would be head over heals to win:
  7. Alright teaser images are out and about all over the interwebs so let's lift the veil on this mystery. I can tell you it's in my garage, it's stock and it runs. First person to guess the model wins a free short sleeve t-shirt from the club store. You can't win by just saying Series 2 LI, you will need to be specific as an LI125 is considered a different model from an LI150 even if they share the same family model prefix. So saying Series 3 TV isn't going to cut the mustard. You must be a member of the LCUSA in good standing to win. One entry per person so make it count! Go!
  8. Here are a few teaser shots of next year's raffle scooter: Enjoy folks!
  9. You'd be surprised at what a giveaway our short list of parts is. ?
  10. He's not, this is definitely siezing. First thing I'd do is a leak down test. From there you'll probably be on the hook for piston and bore at the minimum but at least you'll know where the issue that caused it came from so you can address that on assembly.
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