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  1. Here are a few teaser shots of next year's raffle scooter: Enjoy folks!
  2. theageofindustry

    2019 Jamboree Raffle Scooter - Parts Needed

    You'd be surprised at what a giveaway our short list of parts is. ?
  3. theageofindustry

    Engine revs high

    He's not, this is definitely siezing. First thing I'd do is a leak down test. From there you'll probably be on the hook for piston and bore at the minimum but at least you'll know where the issue that caused it came from so you can address that on assembly.
  4. theageofindustry

    2019 Lambretta Jamboree: Custer, South Dakota

    Almost announcing the 2019 Lambretta Jamboree Raffle Scooter! Somewhere in this mess is the 2019 Raffle Scooter. Can you guess which one it is? via GIPHY
  5. theageofindustry

    2019 Lambretta Jamboree: Custer, South Dakota

    Sponsor Alert! Lambretta Concessionaires Every person who rides more than 1000 miles to the 2019 Lambretta Jamboree will get a $50 voucher to Lambretta Concessionaires USA. Anyone who rides further than Siobhan from Lambretta Concessionaires to the 2019 Lambretta Jamboree will get $100 voucher to Lambretta Concessionaires USA. The furthest ridden will get $200 to Lambretta Concessionaires USA Siobhan will be riding about 1500 miles.
  6. theageofindustry

    2019 Lambretta Jamboree: Custer, South Dakota

    Sponsor Alert! Contact the official Scooter Transporter of the LCUSA Denver James for all of your transport needs. Lambretta Transport to the 2019 Lambretta Jamboree is Available-Reserve your Space Now!
  7. theageofindustry

    Li150 restoration near complete

    Looking fresh!
  8. The LCUSA is taking over the Old West from August 15-18th, 2019 This will be a rider’s rally, make no mistake about it. This is some of the best riding in North America so make sure your Lambrettas are fully tuned up and ready to go. This is also a great area for families so consider taking more time before or after the rally for a family vacation.Highlights:Needles Highway, the Iron Mountain Road, the Custer wildlife loop, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Sturgis, and Deadwood.Hotel Info coming soon. Stay tuned!
  9. theageofindustry

    Club Store at the Jamboree

    The club store will be in full effect at this year's Jamboree thanks to Matty coming and John Schepers for hauling it out there for us. We have done a few special items that you'll need to boogie over and grab from us post haste: New military shirts in Black or Olive green: These are punk as all get out so get yours stat! We also did up some new soft keychains. We have black, white, silver and gold: Obviously you can use them on any scooter but the silver and gold ones would look especially dope on Silver or Golden Specials!
  10. theageofindustry

    New project TV175

    Looking good!
  11. theageofindustry

    Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    Are they brass? Hard to tell in the photo.
  12. theageofindustry

    Indian Gearsets, opinions?

    I have installed 2 of the LI150 Indian Gearboxes. Both went on Serveta engines. One was a bit tight on the axle and the other required a smaller than normal shim. I can't say if either issue was related as some Spanish axles are a touch larger than Italian ones, which would explain the tightness and the other one had zero shim gap from the factory and I replaced the rear hub bearing which could have made it worse. Casting can be a little rough but both have worked fine on tuned engines so far. One has been on the road for at least 3 year and the other was put on the road this past May.
  13. theageofindustry

    Lambretta Jamboree 2018 Roll Call

    Booked! Nici and I fly in on Thursday with Matty. Another member from Minnesota is picking us up at the airport with our scooters in tow. ;)
  14. theageofindustry

    2019 Jamboree Bids

    2019 Jamboree Bids were due in the beginning of May. We never received any and both Dallas and St. Louis respectfully bowed out. With that said, the Goon Squad in Minnesota have put together a pitch since nobody has stepped up to the plate. If you read the most recent issue of the specialist, you'll see that you are in for a real treat next year. This will be the must-go-to event of 2019, make no mistake. Get your Lambrettas in top running condition because those babes are going to work for a living next July. If anyone steps up with a bid between now and the Jamboree next month, we will put it up to a vote.