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  1. AllstonEP

    The Pietasters!

    How about the Smack Years, yeesh. Where was the make up artist, they look like the Undead.
  2. Whoa, this Lammy has some curve balls. Hard to tell what is what. Seats original or just covered weird? LI Engine or Cento? 1974? Function Fully???!!!! Discuss https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-Lambretta-Li-Vintage-Scooter-White/282694781002?hash=item41d1ec084a:g:WHwAAOSwdoVZfHNw
  3. It's one of those early turning mudguard Eibar Lambrettas - hahahaha.
  4. Has 2017 been officially announced?
  5. Good thing it is chit chat, I never look in LD. Not sure what I am going to do with it. I like the kick start lever. Tool box might be unique too?
  6. Mike bought a Bella R154 (most common Bella) and said it was $3000+ in poor condition. I say he is a little closer on this one.
  7. Still cannot register as a LCUSA member. Been trying for 2 months. technical help?
  8. 2005. Someone is getting old, can't use substance abuse as an excuse!
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