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  1. My series 3 large block motor eats k/s seals. The seals tear along the seal surface that sits on the k/s shaft. Am I correct in thinking that the scuff/polish marks on the shaft and bushings (see photos) are the likely culprits and I should probably swap out both of the bushings and the shaft as well? Or can I get away with just swapping the bushings and leaving the shaft? Thanks, -Scott
  2. I have this seat cover that has really good OG vinyl and the foam isn't too bad either. But the rubber is totally crusty/mummified. I'm concerned that if I put this on my bike the rubber is just gonna crack into a million pieces and get into my air scoop etc. Currently my best idea is to get a thin piece of rubber sheeting and use Shoe Goo to glue it onto the crusty seat rubber thereby kinda trapping it all in there. Is this a dumb idea? Can you think of a better idea? I should mention that this is a seat cover for an oddball TV2 Aguila seat frame and it is not currently being reproduced as far as I know, and my goal is to do this cheaply so getting a new custom cover is not an option. I'm just looking for the best way to deal with the crust. Thanks team!
  3. Thanks guys, I'm on the right track now, much appreciated.
  4. I’ve got a Jet200 that looks like someone stole it at one point. The column lock shaft that the plunger slides down thru in the headset is busted half off, as if the headset was locked to the left and someone forced the bars to the right. Thin cast pig iron and a very tight spot don’t give me much hope for welding in a new half of the shaft. I know this used to be a common issue with V3$p@s but I’ve personally never seen the effects of forced entry on a Lambretta. Is this column lock just chowdered? Thanks fam, -Scott
  5. I tried to build a sleeper motor with a Mugello 200cc barrel on a big block case with one of those Series 1/2 big bore clubman exhausts that SCK sells now. It ran pretty good but the CHT was kinda high with the carb jetted well for performance. I removed the silencer (the final tailpipe that comes out of the box) and the temp went down a bit and the power improved a bit which made me suspect that the exhaust might be a little choked by it's small box capacity but I don't know anything about gases and exhaust science stuff, this is why I'm asking). Then I ditched the exhaust altogether and switched to a Tino Satchi series 3 big bore clubman and the CHT went down so low that I thought it was a misread, like not ever getting into the yellow, to the point that I could even retard my timing because it runs so cool. So, the question is: Is there a limit to how small you can go on an exhaust in relation to the displacement of the cylinder? If that's true then why do stock V3$p@ P200s or Rallys run fine with stock exhausts that have boxes that look as small as the little Series 1/2 clubman I was trying? Aren't there people who run clubmans on TS1's? Wouldn't that cause the same problem? For reference the overall setup is this: Varitronic ignition with the timing set to 21 degrees at 2000rpm, PHBL 25mm carb breathing through a GP scoop and drilled stock airbox with a CLW high flow filter, Mugello 200cc top end on a Jet 200 case, 125-130lbs of compression. Once I swapped to the series 3 clubman pipe and re-jetted to suit the bike ran really well and cool and I completed a 1000 mile road rally on it so it all worked out. Thanks y'all, Hi Chris!
  6. What Allen Size Is The Kickstart Stop Allen Screw? This one: https://www.lambrettaspares.com/spares/kickstart-spares/kickstart-stop-allen-cap-head-screw/mbl0754.html Thanks! -Scott
  7. I'm preparing to order some stainless steel bodywork, has anyone ever dealt with S&P Lambretta Parts on Ebay? Are they reliable and are the parts well made? http://stores.ebay.com/S-P-Lambretta-Parts?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 Thanks! -Scott
  8. Yowee Mike, that is niiiize. I occasionally bug Eric with insane requests so I'll inquire about the seat cover when I bug to him next. Thanks so much! -S
  9. Hi, it's me again, this is an Aguila Continentale bench seat that came off my early 1960 TV2. It is my impression that this seat takes a special cover for the early benches on the TV1's and TV2's. The original cover on this one was black I believe. Can anyone confirm that: 1. This is a special needs seat? 2. Only Tutto Lambretta occasionally makes a batch of covers for these which I can prob get through Scooters O when Tutto makes a new batch? 3. Does anyone happen to have a cover for this style seat that I could buy? Yours truly, -Scott https://flic.kr/p/C6VuVx https://flic.kr/p/BgGrmA https://flic.kr/p/CbU8i1
  10. Hey gang, I just received this new series 1/2 clubman exhaust from Scooter Center Koln. Does anyone else own one of these and can you confirm that this dent in the front cone is NOT supposed to be there? Thanks! -Scott https://flic.kr/p/DN2x8i https://flic.kr/p/DuaGvs https://flic.kr/p/CYLH5C
  11. Hey gang, I also have a seat query. This is the bench seat frame off my 1960 TV2. It's an Aquila Continentale. Will the seat covers described as "Series 2 TV seat covers" fit on this? The Scooter Restorations site says that their TV covers only fit Guiliari and Rosa frames. Thoughts? Thanks! -Scott https://www.flickr.com/photos/137738053@N03/23752178966/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/137738053@N03/23150124094/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/137738053@N03/23695864361/in/dateposted-public/
  12. I'm rebuilding a Spanish Jet 200 motor and trying to be sure of what I'm working with. Do Serveta transmission parts ordinarily have stamps on them? To elaborate: On a Serveta, should the shifting cursor, layshaft, free gears, cush drive parts, gear cluster, end plate, chain, or front sprocket have Serveta/Eibar stamps on them? Mine do not. This is a later Jet 200 with Li clip-on panels, key under the bench seat, Rally 200-style turn signals, and 3-gem headset. Thoughtz? Thanks. -Scott
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