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  1. Elvis has been found in the mountains of Italy, but he seems to have taken the new age hippy mod scooter accessory thing a little too far
  2. 🎶I've been working on the railroad 🎶
  3. Cover me I'm going in.
  4. I don't think so, the old man was quite liberal with the paint brush for touch ups. The forks are pretty straight and I don't mean good straight from a head on collision of some kind.
  5. This scooter had 1 owner. He was an older Italian gentleman who came off a couple of times and eventually his family took the scooter off him. It has not run since 77/78. I do know that he did some repairs himself as I also got his shopping list of parts. All this probably explains the horncast and speedo (they were not on the list). But Lambretta being Lambretta, maybe these are original to this scooter, I don’t think so but you never know with Lambretta. What I am trying to get are other examples and info for this particular type of red Special. I think it might have an interesting back story to the US market.
  6. Looking for feedback and photos on the red Li 150 Special. Have heard that this scooter was for the American market only, can anybody elaborate on this.
  7. Monthly email newsletter? I haven't received a monthly newsletter in I don't know how long.
  8. I both hate and love following this thread. Hate that I don't own this LD and have the talent to do a restore job like this and the pictures alone tell you why I love it. Every time I log on this is the first thread that I look for to see the latest update. Best of luck with it on the road. If you get it to run as good as it looks that will be one fine LD.
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