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  1. was parked without a carb for a few years !
  2. Could the mounts be plated ? this would build up the outside.
  3. Here is how I saved some nice cowl emblems on a series 2. I drilled hole in the back of the emblem where it was attached originally , I did a 2mm hole just deep enough not to go all the way through, I had an assortment of 2mm aluminum rivets and used them, I dipped the tip each rivet into JBWeld and inserted it into the holes that I drilled , let them set for a few days, then I clipped the heads off the rivets and layed a 2mm flat washer over the rivet, gave the rivet a smack. I got an assortment of 2mm rivets off ebay along with some 2mm washers, I think if I was to do it again I would use 2.5 rivets, the only reason I used 2mm is because I already had them
  4. rustoleum silver barbeque grill heat paint #7716
  5. Looks like a TV3 with a TV2 motor, not a 1960
  6. Make up another ground cable separate from the original, ground the motor to the chassis in a different spot
  7. The V3$p@.store on Ebay has them Ohio
  8. panel63


    I have used 3M emblem glue with sucess
  9. GP plastic floor rails are a little different the Li3 Italian, the outer plastic rail is shorter than the Li3 Italian, the rest of the rails are the same
  10. Every time I go to Home Depot or Menards I ask for a box of 6mm nuts, of course they don't have them then I explain that everything in this store is metric, they say we sell a lot of Standard SAE, and I say you could also sell a lot of metric, if you had them in a box instead of a few in a plastic bag
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