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  1. Nice! Just like mine. Best color for sure. Yes I am biased.
  2. Scott, Where do you get the star-tron additive? I got lucky at my new place in Memphis. I have a non ethanol gas station walking distance by my house used by all of the landscapers. When Imwas in GA Lake Lanier was the closest for me for non ethanol.
  3. That's in my neck of the woods.
  4. Welcome to GA. I recently moved after being there for 16 years but I still get over there monthly for work. I titled my TV in Gwinnett County and it was pretty painless. IIRC the Lambretta make was "in the system" so it was not overly difficult. I just had to stress it was a antique and it was treated as such. I only had to go one time and I believe we got it done in 1/2 hour.
  5. That did not answer my question Stan. I was born and raised there so be careful who you offend LOL. Seriously when is it? I would love to get back.
  6. Does anyone know when the Chattanooga Rally is happening for 2015? I want to get it on my calendar.
  7. Sorry I missed the rally this year. I was in process of moving that weekend and could not make. I plan on attending for 2015.
  8. Scott have not met you yet! Atlanta (Inman Park) TV175 owner here. My TV keeps fouling the spark plugs. It is probably time for a rebuild since the case has never been opened. As long as you all don't leave me I am game. Can someone send me a link to the Ocoee ride? I grew up in that area and it proves there is a god.
  9. I have my 4 scoots with Formost. I have been happy with them and the rates are reasonable.
  10. I never knew him and hate to hear this. 44 is way too young to go. His family is also in a thought spot so the donation is also a good idea for another fellow scooterist.
  11. 79_Limited

    Happy 4th

    You too. Hopefully some of you east coasters stay dry? I just missed the hurricane here.
  12. No mine was not the only Lambretta LOL. I actually to make sure It would even be allowed in the Rally. Yes the Ruckus division I was pretty interesting. Not my cup of tea but interesting.
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