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  1. Myke, Welcome, welcome. I would love to see pics of the new rides. See you in St. Louis this year. Greg
  2. Nice job. That orange should help you stand out nicely in Atlanta traffic.
  3. Nice! Here is a pic of my 64 TV from this past weekends St. Louis rally. You definitely have an award winner there. Great resto work.
  4. Ha glad I went to St. Louis. Cold but at least not raining. There were actually 4 Lammys there.
  5. I'm a loser....I re-routed to the St. Louis Rallly due to potential weather. Hate it ...love my old home town.
  6. Atlanta would be a good choice. Quite a few Lammy riders. Planning for a ride on the Road Atlanta track would be a lifetime event. Also Atlanta is not far from the North GA mountains which is some of the best riding in the country. Asheville NC and Chattanooga would also be great for east coast. I believe Asheville has some of the best breweries in the U.S.
  7. Nice! Just like mine. Best color for sure. Yes I am biased.
  8. Scott, Where do you get the star-tron additive? I got lucky at my new place in Memphis. I have a non ethanol gas station walking distance by my house used by all of the landscapers. When Imwas in GA Lake Lanier was the closest for me for non ethanol.
  9. That's in my neck of the woods.
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