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  1. The ScootRS units are fine for the $. I have run 2 with no issues. Except you need to replace the darn soap bar brake pads. If it doesnt have the ScootRS stamp inside the hub then its something other. like Sterling or Spaq which are junk. I had a sterling item someone gave me. It was horrible quality - gave it away to someone else for parts.
  2. yes - ive had stuff chromed in the past no problem. Yes - that is the shop. I thought it was odd when they said no!
  3. saw that. It may just come from them.
  4. Question - anyone know any shops that will chrome lambretta hubs? I need to get a rear hub chromed. I went to the local shop and they said they cant do it. Anyone? I dont mind shipping
  5. yes they do. They work the same as Lectrons. http://www.lectronfuelsystems.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Lectron-Fuel-Systems-158738414284383/ https://technologyelevatedco.com/shop/ https://www.facebook.com/technologyelevated/
  6. I thought I have posted smart carbs here before. The company changed names recently to Technology Elevated. The carb works like A Lectron. But more $$$
  7. Just sharing some cool 2 stroke tech.
  8. I wonder how this chamber would work on that cylinder kit? http://www.saigonscootercentre.com/ProductDetail.asp?idBasket=&idcat=&itemid=4582&p=156&c_id=109&s_id=
  9. they are Indian junk. I had a brand new one go bad on me the first rally i took my GP to. I completely locked up and I could not turn it. I had to break with a screwdriver to turn to on position. Get a Casa or Scootopia iitem
  10. It looks good but still its crap and its not a Lambretta. Frankly someone like Bertone should sue them for stealing the design. The 300 wont be produced either. It will be a 250 Asian sourced engine. It a 4 stroke vacuum. Develop and exciting modern low emission 2 stroke as the technology is there. Then it might be interesting
  11. they still managed to make lambretta's longer than the Italians !
  12. saw a few parked in front of El Corte Ingles. yellow Jet 200s. A few Lynx on side streets and Li150s. A few pics I had handy that I took
  13. youll see more lambrettas in Spain than in Italy. I saw quite a few in Barcelona last time I was there. I saw about 6 in one block in Barcelona. Zero in Italy
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