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  1. mzallo

    Blocked out of member areas?

    All good now Kieran. Thanks dude!
  2. mzallo

    Blocked out of member areas?

    Hey not sure what happened but I've been blocked out from the member areas? I am current with my club membership so I'm not exactly sure what's going on? I reported it with the contact us option but it hasn't changed in a week? Thanks.
  3. mzallo

    Tv175 seat cover

    Hey thanks for the reply vegansydney! So I measured 590mm x 241mm? So now I'm very confused. Here's some better pictures. Thanks again.
  4. mzallo

    Tv175 seat cover

    Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone can help me? I would like to buy a new seat cover for my TV and Im left a bit confused. The giuliari seat on this TV is different from my other and both scooters are original. This cover has a scallop cut at the bottom above the rear frame badge? Also the seat looks more black then blue? So my question is witch seat cover do I buy? The frames seem to look the same apart from one having a badge across the frame and the other is stamped on the hinge bracket. Sorry if this is super confusing. Thanks in advance.
  5. mzallo

    Lectron + LTH manifold?

    Cheers for the reply Arne. Did your tmx fit with the standard manifold? I have a tmx 38 but assumed it would be overkill on a Rb20?
  6. Hello everyone, I don't post here often I'm more of a lurker but I've run into a problem. I'm building an rb20 and have a lectron 30mm carb to go with it, however I would like to use my panels without cutting a hole. So my question is if I use an LTH manifold would I clear the panel? If so the lectron OD on the intake is 37mm, would I use the LTH 35mm manifold? LTH says the connection size of the 35mm manifold is 40mm. Cheers all! Any info is much appreciated.