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  1. I didn't think there was any way to top Saturdays ride but Sundays ride did. what a weekend.
  2. Esper

    L.A.L.O. 2015

    Great write up and a great ride.
  3. I recently installed a Varitronic on my series 1 mugello and am very pleased. runs smoother and cooler (EGT) than the AF ignition that it replaced.
  4. Esper

    Favorite V3$pu?

    nicely tuned small frame puts a smile on my face every time I ride it. admittedly less now that I have a lambretta.
  5. Ordered lambretta keys a few weeks ago. a mistake on my end had them sent to the wrong address. Jem sent me new keys to the correct address for no charge he wouldn't even let me pay for postage. Keys arrived in a weeks time and work great.
  6. Yes on the computer not sure how's it's done just know it can be done. Find your friend that can download movies from the interwebs while they are still out in the theater they will know how to do it. In my case it was an ex roommate.
  7. Anyone with minor tech savvy can convert from PAL to play on U.S. Players.
  8. Esper

    SF classic 21

  9. http://www.blacksheepsc.net/Home.html
  10. Esper

    Honda Odyssey

    Yeah I was hoping someone had one but I will have to check one out and measure. The newer years are a bit larger and seem to crap a transmission every 100,000 miles the 95-98 were built on the accord chassis and seemed to last a lot longer.
  11. Esper

    Honda Odyssey

    Anyone ever transported a lambretta or two in an older model odyssey (95-98). looking to replace my accord wagon with something I can on occsion fit a bike or two in standing upright.
  12. I was having the same issue tried a couple hubs the problem turned out to be bad upper fork bearings. New bearings new race and I was good to go.
  13. interested PM sent thanks.
  14. I recently acquired An R1 shock with the spring already converted but in need of bushings, a phone call to clause studios confirmed they no longer make them. does anyone know a source for these?
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