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  1. Mike. When you modified the bellows did the symptom go away or are you still just living with it?
  2. V3spa rear shock nut and lock washer are 9mm. The cushdrive shaft for large frame V3spa engines is also 9mm. It sits on the outside of the engine near the rear hub. It is wider as well.
  3. I am one of the organizers of Rides Or March. We'll have a couple follow trucks for the long ride. Feel free to text me if you have any questions. 805-459-3861 Josh
  4. Series 3 engine, 46/15 I am replacing the chain on an engine that has 46/15 gearing. I purchased an IWIS 80 link chain. I can't get the clutch spider into the crown wheel as the chain is too tight. I don't have the chain tensioner installed as that makes it worse. I've counted everything multiple times to make sure everything is correct. What am I doing wrong? I removed an 80 chain from the engine. I am replacing the chain because the rollers on the old chain had come apart in the engine. Is the new chain too "short"? I'm at a loss.
  5. Rode 500+ to SF Classic and Back
  6. Rides Of March is the last weekend of March in San Luis Obispo, CA, March 25-27. The Saturday ride is a at least 100 miles through wine country on the Central Coast of California.
  7. Two questions: What is the dimension between centers of the mounting bushings? S3 standard is 300mm, S1/S2 standard is 310mm. How do you choose the correct spring? 180lb/220lb are what you mentioned. Is this based on rider weight? Riding with a passenger? I guess that's more than two questions. Thanks.
  8. How long ago was that Derek? I should've search the forums before posting the floor mats question. Reading upjettr's thread now.
  9. 1st Question: Floormats Do the Casa Lambretta floormats that are on the market fit like the original Serveta floormats. I have read that there is a fitment issue with them not lining up properly? Is there one brand that is better than another as far as fitment and quality are concerned? I contacted Greg Clauss and he is no longer making them. 2nd Question: LI150S Rally stripes on side panels I am going to have the rally stripes painting on my panels rather than using the stickers. Is there an AutoCAD drawing or similar file available. The painter I am working with would like a vinyl sticker that is the opposite, meaning the rally stripes are negative space. That way he can use that as the mask to spray the panel, insuring uniformity on both sides. I'm sure he can do this without a vinyl mask. It doesn't hurt asking first though. Let me know what you know...preferably based on experience. Thanks, Josh
  10. I have a S3 TV style horn casting. The number on the inside is 19 95 0117. Is it for a chrome ring bike or not? I've looked through post mod and pre mod parts books, as well as Serveta and cannot find the number listed anywhere in those parts books. Please let me know what model the horn casting I have was originally installed on. If this is the wrong place for this question, please move it. Thanks, Josh
  11. I definitely take my time while porting. I guess the best way for me to get comfortable is to mess around with some shagged cylinders I have laying around. Either way, the piston skirt method seems to be a viable alternative.
  12. True. Of course measuring twice is a good idea. I have been considering going reed so if I do, then I will try this method first since replacing a piston isn't as expensive as accidentally slipping while creating the boost port, resulting in replacing the cylinder and piston. I'm very comfortable porting cylinders, cases, intakes, etc. But I have honestly never created a port on the face of the cylinder wall.
  13. I was reading recently that some tuners in the UK, hobbyist like us, will make a large radius cut in the piston from the skirt toward the crown without cutting a boost port into the cylinder wall. The radius removed enough piston that at BDC the intake port is only open 2mm, giving you 360 degrees of open intake. This method utilizes the standard transfer ports in the cylinder to get gas above piston. I will try to make a drawing and post it to better explain myself. I am not sure how this compares to the "proper" windows and cylinder boost ports but I found the information interesting. Added drawing to illustrate my poor explanation.
  14. You can get the Tino Sacchi stuff from Scoot Forever in the UK.
  15. I had a tank done by Eric for my Rally200. The cost was $125 for the cleaning and coating. Plus shipping to Arizona and back.
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