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  1. Echoing what Pete said, HUGE THANKS to everyone that organized the rally. It was worth the 5,916 km / 3,676 mile round trip from New York just to ride those incredible roads. Also super happy that the raffle bike is coming back to New York.
  2. Haha! That would have been ideal. Unfortunately this a new development, and space has only just become available.
  3. Leaving NYC a few days before the Jamboree and have room in van for an extra Lambretta and/or a person. Can haul scooter, parts, or person or all 3, either all the way, or part of it. One way only. Hit me up offline for details.
  4. By that you mean, polishing it and removing the SIL kickstart, right?
  5. It’s an Innocenti 150dl. Grey plastic tool box means it’s early production and no battery tray means it’s a dl, not GP. Looks to be red in color.
  6. Strange there is no replies to this. It appears the kickstart shaft is bent. It’s not a common fault (unlike snapping), and I’ve only seen it happen once before.
  7. I’ve successfully had a ring peg relocated before for an early TS185 piston, but none here in the US. However, I do have recommendations for 2 motorcycle engineers that should be able to do the job. Message me for info.
  8. Imports of classic vehicles are straightforward (if you have proof of ownership paperwork). It’s two forms. I’ve imported several Lambrettas, although none from India, and can share details if you message me directly.
  9. The hex heads of the fork link bolts (and all exposed parts of dogleg bolts/washers/nuts) were painted by factory on all Innocenti S1-GP/dl machines.
  10. What's the date of manufacture stamped on the tire?
  11. What’s the deadline? I have a tech article that I could draft, but it’s dependent on deadline.
  12. If you purchase a replacement TS185 piston, make sure it’s the later ‘ER’ type (such as 12110-29900) unless you like relocating piston ring pegs (I speak from experience). Its been noted above, and too late now, but my preferred method for this conversion is to use either an RD400 (115mm) or a TV175 (116mm) con-rod as it eliminates the need to machine the barrel, not to mention the benefits of a longer con-rod.
  13. My two favorite methods are using the inoclinometer on my phone with a Jockey's mount, and a dial gauge. MB sell a handy bracket for mounting the gauge.
  14. Agreed! Did you read the most recent Clubman dyno test series in Scootering, Mike? It was over several issues early-mid last year and it dyno tested approximately 15 Clubmans. The conclusion was:
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