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  1. I always love reading these build threads - whether they're from a first time builder or a seasoned professional. Keep the updates coming! In regards to your question about throttle cable lengths, I've found that most aftermarket carburetors require a longer throttle cable than stock. I say most, as a TM24 with a Dell'Orto 90 degree elbow threaded into the top will work with a standard cable, but I'm yet to find any others. A number of dealers carry longer cables, or you can make them yourself. Also a fan of Belmetric. Simple to use (can search by DIN number) and fast delivery. Very welcome in country that insists on using antiquated forms of measurement :)
  2. This one is going to be hard to swindle, but haven't missed one yet, so will be there.
  3. This has been an ongoing project since early 2015. If you you're interested in the development there's a 30+ page thread on the GSF.
  4. I was referring to gap between shift housing and headset. It looks too wide, like it's missing the collared washer (#19962017), or the rod hasn't been shimmed correctly in the headset, but as mentioned, could be a trick of the light, or that you've not completely finished building the headset. Good luck with the build!
  5. Fine tip oil-based paint pens. I've heard of others using crayon, and just wiping the excess off (easier on polished gear shift housings than painted/LI125 ones). Damon, it looks like you have some serious play in that headset. Are you missing the collared washer (#19962017), is the headset rod not shimmed correctly, or is it just a trick of the light?
  6. The general consensus from everything I've read is that 12.5:1 is the ideal for WOT/main jet on a 2 stroke (FYI the stoichiometric ratio for a non-2 stroke gasoline engine is 14.7:1). Probe should be approximately 300-400mm from the exhaust port, or in the 'belly' of the pipe if using an expansion. The probe is (a massive) M18 and needs to be mounted upright (~90°), so I remove the RHS rear footboard while dialing it in. If you want to go down a rabbit hole there is some good threads on the GSF and a bunch of peer-reviewed scientific papers floating around cyberspace.
  7. My experience with the Westac EGT gauges is they are good quality, U.S. made, and don't require a power source beyond the K probe. Westach also will will make custom configurations, metric dials and AFR gauges (though I prefer digital for AFR gauges). I've also had experience with Koso EGTs and while not as quality product as the Westach, and require a power source, the benefit is they're easier to read at glance (helpful at WOT), and can be programed to flash a warning light at designated temperatures. My 2 cents, set up carb with a wideband AFR, remove and install EGT programed/marked with a redline of ~650°C (~1200°F for those still using archaic forms of measurement). I find that the top of a legshield spare is reasonable location to mount either a AFR or EGT gauge. Good luck!
  8. Echoing what Pete said, HUGE THANKS to everyone that organized the rally. It was worth the 5,916 km / 3,676 mile round trip from New York just to ride those incredible roads. Also super happy that the raffle bike is coming back to New York.
  9. Haha! That would have been ideal. Unfortunately this a new development, and space has only just become available.
  10. Leaving NYC a few days before the Jamboree and have room in van for an extra Lambretta and/or a person. Can haul scooter, parts, or person or all 3, either all the way, or part of it. One way only. Hit me up offline for details.
  11. By that you mean, polishing it and removing the SIL kickstart, right?
  12. It’s an Innocenti 150dl. Grey plastic tool box means it’s early production and no battery tray means it’s a dl, not GP. Looks to be red in color.
  13. Strange there is no replies to this. It appears the kickstart shaft is bent. It’s not a common fault (unlike snapping), and I’ve only seen it happen once before.
  14. I’ve successfully had a ring peg relocated before for an early TS185 piston, but none here in the US. However, I do have recommendations for 2 motorcycle engineers that should be able to do the job. Message me for info.
  15. Imports of classic vehicles are straightforward (if you have proof of ownership paperwork). It’s two forms. I’ve imported several Lambrettas, although none from India, and can share details if you message me directly.
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