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    I was quite partial to the bloodletting of the goat on the family... nothing sells a product better!
  2. Follows the rule I try to follow, KISS - Love it!
  3. Upjettr, News to me on the casa electronic beyond mounted so oddly. I’ll have to check the cases when I work on it next Sunday. I know they already ported it for the 250 kit. On the side cases and clutches, I assumed this was the preproduction run but I’ll be happy to be surprised by getting anything newer than the spring. morgan
  4. Yeah I feel your pain with Chris, it was a 6 month wait for me on parts, but worth it as his work is sounds. The inserts for the side covers were too long, so needed to be grinded down (tricky as you can't grind long without the fiberglass heating up). I was fortunate to have Jon help me with that as I worked on other aspects. Also, I'm not thrilled with how he did the horncover horn insert, but not going to lose sleep on it. Otherwise all fit has been great, his areas for drilling are spot on and I think minimal work to maybe mate up the legshield and rear floorboards. Also I intended to use Chris's seat but getting him to fab it in the UK was just not going to work out, so fuck it, I'll do the new Ancilotti as it's close to what I wanted (long and low). It's just a shame Stu that he couldn't work with getting what you wanted in my order being sent to Jet200. And thanks for the kind thoughts Peter, I could literally buy a new car with what I'm putting into this bike. But then that car couldn't smoke the weekend Harley riders I intend to make cry around Boulder.
  5. 1960 Series 2 265cc - CasaCase, Cyclone 5, Octopus Rear Hub, Improved fan, Casa gear end plate, Casa fan cover, Casa Electronic Kit - When available - Top end, side cover, clutch and exhaust - Casa Double Disc front end, BGM Shocks (F&R), New Casa Ancilotti seat, Jet200 Tank, SIP Speedo - Full fiberglass body parts from Chris at GRP (loop is metal :)) Slight mods - welding up toolbox door, removed the lip from gas door and opened it slightly Will be Subaru Desert Khaki with mostly silver and black accents. Basically all the money people wanted me to invest in the SX is going into the bass boat. Aiming for completion by summer 18. The SX will be pissed.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Rage-Powersports-410ACR-Aluminum-Mounted/dp/B00EF3WHCC/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1505501342&sr=1-1&keywords=410ACR I swear by my tiltarack. Light, strong, easy to load with one person, done.
  7. $3495 is $28K in 2017 prices, I'm flabbergasted they paid so much! Again, I love that bike to death. Keep it original, make cotton candy, smile!
  8. I just want to say I love you for keeping that in the family and getting it running again. I LOVE YOU!
  9. No worries, figured it was something like that Damn interwebs!
  10. I want to say I'm completely neutral on this, and hope whoever wins gets all they wished for. Just think it's a little early to be advertising on Scoot.net for a rally you haven't technically won yet?
  11. Dammit Mike, I was hoping for Corona or Palm Desert...
  12. Welcome on board bud! Certainly, Jon at Jet200.com can do it in Denver if you can't find anyone out there.
  13. Not that I'm going, just thinking, sleeping bag in between beds?
  14. I love my rusty p.o.s even if you don't. I like shiny bikes too, hell, all Lambretta's rock.
  15. I'm here in Dusseldorf for work, a Canadian colleague and I were talking about Flanders Fields. It's all about that.
  16. I'd be all over that room if I wasn't going to a wedding in Wyoming. Someone grab that room and share tequila with the masses!
  17. Thanks for the headsup on mileage. I had a long chat with them on the SX and Rally. The 20/30 commutes limitation was pure horseshit (since each is 2.5 miles). I basically just dealt with it but glad to hear they got religion.
  18. My original 1967 SX was sold to my neighbor in Ventura who then sold it to someone in Santa Barbara. Yeah, had 700 original miles too and pretty much stock paint, fucking derp I am.
  19. Corralejo! You'll make more friends than enemies...
  20. Just not the same after they demolished the Westward Ho, I miss my $1.50 giant margarita slushies!
  21. Kickass! I'll be grabbing mine for sure from the Store.
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