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  1. If it worked on the stand with the old stator then the problem isn’t with the stator. We’re so quick to replace everything nowadays! If if I had to guess, no spark means the green (ignition) wire in the loom is shorting to ground. A simple check is to hold the green from the stator to the frame and see if you get a spark jump. It should because you said it was running. A 125 special should have a key ignition switch. Make sure it’s in the ON, one or more click to the right of center position (sounds obvious I know but you wouldn’t be the first) If that doesn’t work then separate the loom out of the problem. Process of elimination. Only connect the green wire from the stator to the coil and coil to ground. This way it’s basically like you had it on the stand. From there start putting it back together. At some point it will stop running and there’s your problem. Good luck
  2. Congrats to our own Brooklnpete on winning the raffle bike! A sweet dl125 you’re not seeing double but he sure is. This is the 2nd raffle bike he’s won. 1st in PA and now in SD.
  3. Off the shelf top end, used mystery dellorto and this fully street legal, pump gas running bike does an honest 90mph
  4. That things a beast, love it! We're going back out to El Mirage in 2 weeks for some more speed runs. Bring it out.
  5. Set everything in the neutral position. The gear shift tie rod will set the cable position if that makes sense.
  6. Winner winner chicken dinner. That triggered my sense of humor. PM me your address and I'll send you out a clutch arm tool, Kieran will send the rest of it.
  7. Testing Todd’s 225 monza cut down. See it throw smoke this weekend
  8. I’ve been really happy with my pipe design bullet exhaust http://www.pipedesign.de/auspuffanlagen/lambretta-ts1-rb/bullet-rb.html smooth pull with out that jerky powerband up to around 8.5k rpm
  9. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! 8/11 Meet at the Visitor center at 9:30am El Mirage test and tune for Bonneville. Some of the Long Beach guys and my self are going to be out at Hell Mirage burning some fuel in prep for Bonneville. Totally informal BS to test bikes and have some fun. https://www.blm.gov/visit/el-mirage-ohv-area
  10. Stick to 32:1 fuel mix (I use yamalube R) For stock I like a B8ES spark plug Make sure the plug is gaped to the correct spec (.02"- .024") Ride the bike, once it's warmed up then correctly set the idle and "usually" the air/fuel mix will sort its self out. Big shifts in heat/humidity can and do affect how the motor will run.
  11. I've gotten a few of these. Hold on to it and roll it over to the next one. I'll throw in a clutch arm tool too and drop ship it to the next winner.
  12. Right on man, thanks Did you see the size of that chicken!!?
  13. peyote and welding, peyote and welding...
  14. Good stuff, thank you I like the specific wording. Would hate to cut some deal for a shoot only to have the bike get wrecked because something wasn't specifically spelled out.
  15. That sounds fair. Anyone in the know would know that this isn’t a turn key project. It’s too bad that it’s so far gone, basically you have a desirable frame, gear box and some hardware. I’d like to find a 125 s1 to complete the set but they are getting tough come across.
  16. What are you considering good? When we were trouble shooting some lighting issues on my LD we found that anything more than .4 ohms of continuity resistance was too much and the lights wouldn't work. Ground points between the frame and motor need to be very clean. It sounds like the coil to frame is good, you just need to clean up the frame to coil and motor grounds.
  17. You wanted tires too? They will be here in 2 weeks
  18. This was a freebie but I see what you mean. Google or Amazon would have a lot more budget than say the local clothing store. It does photo well. The LD model is a beautiful design.
  19. I know a few people do this and I was wonder what the typical going rate might be for having a bike in a photo shoot with out being ridden? My neighbor runs BMC 1951 and asked if he could use the LD in a photo shoot. https://www.bakersfieldmotorcyclecompany.com/ Photo by Felix Adamo https://www.felixadamo.com/
  20. I see there stuff on IG, they are nuts. Totally DIY out of parts even the worst of us would have recycled long ago.
  21. Not really. Your best bet is to find the best fitting rubber for the pedal you have. If they are at all loose it will slip right off. There are various levels of quality and subtle shape differences. The best ones for Italian I've seen are from Scootopia. If you have an Indian pedal I'd try Scooter Restorations or SIL OEM Make sure you get the correct series for your bike http://www.scooterrestorations.com/lambretta/lambretta-gearbox-kickstart/ https://www.scootopia.com/gearbox-kickstart/123-scootopia-lambretta-black-kickstart-rubber
  22. Please do. I'm renting an RV and we're all camping on the salt.
  23. Those SLC guys start early I guess!
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