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  1. The correct way is to weld up the broken piece and then machine a new hole for the bushing to go in to.
  2. No lights at all, including Brake and speedo? Electronic or points 12v system? Is there a regulator? As a guess if you had lights one day and then not I'd look at the source first. Start at the loom out of the stator and start testing connections. Something probably just came apart.
  3. typical Lambretta. As soon as I or someone says this never happens, doesn't exist etc etc someone comes up with 5 or 6 examples to the contrary! :d
  4. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a C being state side. You see a few d’s and the occasional b, e or f even. What ever you choose to do with it, it’s worth restoring and keeping together. You’ve come to the right place, there are folks here that will give you honest advice and are a wealth of info. If if you do decide to go the restore route, research research research who you’re dealing with.
  5. I finally got a chance to use my XY vice. I added a kickstart ramp to a SIL case cover. The right tools make it easy. Not sure why the photos loaded in a weird order.
  6. Bolts were a super late italian/Indian feature from what I understand. I'm sure it's mentioned in Sticky's somewhere. Early dl is just like SX except better because it's dl
  7. Score! I need a new shirt If you need anything for the build just let me know.
  8. Dl125 not the dl150 even in b&w it doesn’t look red to me Basically I’m with Benji on this one. The glove box, no battery tray, exhaust, motor mount, black grip and runner give it away.
  9. Post lots of photos and look for signs of large number stickers etc. If I remember right the blue is a very specific color and will stand out as a police bike if it is one.
  10. Setting up a quatrini 210 and am looking for some case dimensions. Specifically the deck height to the crankshaft webs (base gasket to crank flywheel). The case I'm building on has been welded and machined but we think the height is wrong.
  11. Bummer you had to go through that Kyle. That's just a crappy way to describe them isn't it? How about we use the more correct term? Flywheel for a GP taper or LI/SX taper crankshaft.
  12. That's a lot nicer casting than a SIL case cover
  13. I use to buy from them from 03 to 05. I remember it was always a little bit of a pain with CC and shipping. They probably just gave up and blamed "insurance". Or maybe some one made a big order and claimed it never showed up? Who knows. There's plenty of north America shops to throw money at that will send you your parts.
  14. One of the so cal guys has one. I’ll be building the motor as soon as there is room on the bench. The initial impression is they are nice and much cleaner casting than the SIL.
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