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  1. Who ever built that did a great job. I would have made the fuel tank bigger, it looks like there's room.
  2. Hello!, Would you like a Schnitzel?
  3. Most of it will come down to if the loose gear fits with the tree gear. Getting the ratios worked out is easy. (L#/T#)(R#/F#)=Ratio {L= Loose gear, T=tree gear, R=Rear sprocket, F=Front sprocket} I know MBD does a bearing to fix the tree gear and I think he put out a book covering all the possible gearing combinations. Personally I'm a fan of the GP200 and LI125 gear boxes. They are good platforms for finding that perfect ratio.
  4. Sounds like the jetting is off. Did this ever run right?
  5. Sorry no luck on this end. Is that manifold hitting the frame in the first picture?
  6. Little update on the UNI build. There have been a couple of small tweaks that needed to be done during build but for the most part the motor has dropped together. Had to open up the area around the rear brake cam to clear. This could have been an issue with the MBD cam v an Italian one. 2nd was the locating pin holes for the end plate and case cover were too small by about .1mm Just enough to keep the pin from fitting in the case. Easy fix with a 7mm drill bit.
  7. A lot of the replacements are actually too long. If you know what length you need I have a few that might work. All of them are grey.
  8. Episode 5 we see it in action. 2 up even.
  9. No paint suppliers will know what that means but the club site use to have a page with all that info on it. Look for a tech tips or How to area. I took a quick look but didn't see it. If you can't find it I have a doc somewhere with all the ppg mix codes some where.
  10. Great shots. For anyone wondering the 17 digit VIN rule went in to affect for all vehicles built after 1981. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_identification_number I've had that conversation with the DMV a few times.
  11. Same here, 5 gal can of premix Yamalube at 32:1 and bring my mix cup with a bottle of oil when I’m on a ride.
  12. Load the photo here by using the “click to choose files” button at the bottom of the post window. or have it hosted at scoot.net/gallery/bbs then copy/paste the url in your post.
  13. Here's what's listed on the BLA http://www.britishlambrettaarchive.co.uk/frame-numbers-pt-2.html Like you're saying, the common thought is there was some number cross over between S1 and S2. I believe there are some physical differences between S1 and S2 in regards to how the legshield mounts but I don't have a S1 to compare.
  14. Good question, I've not tried it like that. MBD seems to use them a lot so I assume they must regulate at least to 12v
  15. I have a wassel style I'm not using. $8 to cover shipping. Send me your address.
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