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  1. Mike Anhalt

    Case dimensions

    Setting up a quatrini 210 and am looking for some case dimensions. Specifically the deck height to the crankshaft webs (base gasket to crank flywheel). The case I'm building on has been welded and machined but we think the height is wrong.
  2. Mike Anhalt

    "Large" or "Small" Cone for GP?

    Bummer you had to go through that Kyle. That's just a crappy way to describe them isn't it? How about we use the more correct term? Flywheel for a GP taper or LI/SX taper crankshaft.
  3. Mike Anhalt

    UNI Engine Cases

    That's a lot nicer casting than a SIL case cover
  4. Mike Anhalt

    Cambridge Lamb Won't Sell to U.S.?

    I use to buy from them from 03 to 05. I remember it was always a little bit of a pain with CC and shipping. They probably just gave up and blamed "insurance". Or maybe some one made a big order and claimed it never showed up? Who knows. There's plenty of north America shops to throw money at that will send you your parts.
  5. Mike Anhalt

    UNI Engine Cases

    One of the so cal guys has one. I’ll be building the motor as soon as there is room on the bench. The initial impression is they are nice and much cleaner casting than the SIL.
  6. Mike Anhalt

    New to me - S2 Li150

    I doubt it’s a permissions problem, probably a browser issue. I don’t know what you’re using to get on the Internet but try another method and see if the problem is still there. I’ve always used chrome or safari and have not had any issues. If it does turn out to be a permissions issue then that needs to get fixed. Reach out to the club admins and have them take care of that.
  7. Mike Anhalt

    New to me - S2 Li150

    the forum doesn't support heic format so you'll need to convert them to jpg https://heictojpg.com/ In the mean time, here's your photo. Looks like a good decision to me.
  8. Mike Anhalt

    The part I hate the most

    Hardened steel nipple (as in an 80's hair band). +5 points for creative problem solving -10 for actually using it when it's not in a must get from A to B situation.
  9. Mike Anhalt

    Guess how many Lambrettas are on this truck

    Maybe 40? looks like two rows of 5 and five rows of 6.
  10. Mike Anhalt

    Late Indian GP forks

    Those look the business. Once I set mine up I’ll need to do that too.
  11. Mike Anhalt

    Troubleshooting No Spark

    Disconnect the kill wire (loom green) and try again. Basically eliminate any chance that the loom could be causing the problem with a shorted wire. if that doesn't work then you'll need to measure out the stator ohm's and see if something went dead. Pull the flywheel and make sure you didn't sheer the key. Most people forget to re-torque the flywheel nut after the first fire and then they shear the woodruff key if the nut comes loose.
  12. Mike Anhalt


    Your email is comming up invalid. I’d like a crack at the parts. Seems like there’s always a piece missing. Thanks!
  13. Mike Anhalt

    Li 150 Special - Red

    They pop up now and again. It’s a great color but not near as rare as some might think. The thing with Innocenti is you can almost never say always. Every time you do, as sure as shit some one will find an example to prove you wrong. Gotta love em. About the only for sure always is the MW Riverside, they are always blue and only ever sold in the US. If if you’re thinking of buying the red one you should. Wash, wax, ride, repeat. Little strange to see it with a LI horncast though. Might have had some damage in the past.
  14. Mike Anhalt

    RT 195 vs SS 200

    I can get a GPS’d 71mph out of my rt195 How fast do you want to go?
  15. Mike Anhalt


    Burnout tires