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  1. You can edit your post and mark it as sold or get one of the forum admins to do it.
  2. Hi Mike,

    By any chance you have a Servetta 150 case on the shelf you'd part with? If yes, want to pm or email me pls?




    1. Mike Anhalt

      Mike Anhalt

      Sorry I’ve sold off all my spare cases. Maybe Harmik at Planet Lambretta has one. I’d float it out on the forum and see if one shakes loose. Good luck. 

  3. What tools do you want? I have some duplicates. Can bring to  Jammy. 

  4. James- First off Hi there. We haven't actually met yet but I've see you on the forum and all that.


    I'm trying to work out a deal for 2 bikes from Darren Lopez and need to see what it would cost to get them from him in Richmond VA to me in Bakersfield CA.





  5. any chance of posting your jetting on the TMX for your Rb200 set up

    1. Mike Anhalt

      Mike Anhalt

      It's not close enough. I've been fighting ignition problems with it. When I get it going I'll give it a full description.



  6. We have found that Internet Explorer 11 does not play well with this site when it comes to loading photos or adding web links. There have been no problems with using Google Chrome. I have not tried FireFox or any earlier versions of IE. If you have a known working browser that is not Chrome please let me know. The forum is set up to use all the common file types. Jpg, tiff, gif etc. So it should work. The thing to remember here is the forum does not like Internet explorer very well. This could be due to needing an Adobe Flash update or Java security settings or a number of other fa
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