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  1. Mike Anhalt

    Membership perks!?! Vendor Discounts?

    Regrettable decisions done with a discount. not quite the same ring as the other version. 😈 (Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap) To stay on topic, it's always been up to the shops on whether or not they want to offer club members a discount. I'll admit that was a big perk way back but I found that it was better to have a club with a focus of promoting Lambretta history and culture.
  2. Mike Anhalt

    HPI Ignitions

    So 2.5 years later. I have the HPI internal rotor ignition. Super easy to set set up if you know how to set an ignition a few photos of the install. Notice there is no woodruff key. The base plate is static positioned and the timing adjustment is between the flywheel positioning and the trigger. It’s a little weird at first but seems to work. the plug in is too large to fit through the mag range hole so the pins need to come out of the connector. 39DA683D-A934-40FE-B07C-03206DB95AA2.MOV
  3. Mike Anhalt

    Ebay Pasco

    LD would be a reverse raffle "here's your tickets and here's your $100"
  4. Mike Anhalt

    Ebay Pasco

    It's good stuff. I really want a XISP. Any one got a Brasil connection? https://lambrettista.net/tag/pasco/ http://scooterlounge.com/blog/2010/09/lambrettas-in-brasil.html
  5. Mike Anhalt

    Ebay Pasco

    Right on! I was thinking/hoping that raffle bikes in general would get away from the always a LI125 format (not that there's anything wrong with that). I understand why it's like that but there's nothing saying it has to be like that. Imagine the increased turn out for a TV175 or 200? Good luck on getting it.
  6. Mike Anhalt

    Ebay Pasco

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-Other-Makes-Lambretta-Serveta-Pasco-MS-175/323379329157?hash=item4b4ae8f885%3Ag%3AJpQAAOSwE5xbY7EE&_sacat=0&_nkw=lambretta&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1312.R1.TR0.TRC1.A0.H0.TRS5 Not mine
  7. Mike Anhalt

    FS: glove box

    Italian S3 glove box. Powder coated black, has a few extra holes for mounting a CDI & VR straight no dents $30 shipped in the US.
  8. Mike Anhalt

    FS: SH2/22 carb

    Italian SH2/22 carb off of a DL200 complete less clamp $125 shipped in US
  9. Mike Anhalt

    FS: Serveta front hub

    Serveta front hub as seen. No shoes but basically complete otherwise $50 shipped
  10. Mike Anhalt

    FS: J range hubs

    Front and rear J range/Starstream/cento hubs 3 lug type rear is NOS front could be NOS but I don’t think so. $70 the pair shipped in the US
  11. Mike Anhalt

    57 LD 150

    CA is its own world sometimes. To do a YOM here the state wants a photo copy of the plate with that year reg sticker on it The plan is to get it all registered and legal and then see about having the plate remade. I think it's too far gone for a restore. The good news is the plate frame hides a lot of the rot and kind of add to the legitimacy of the build.
  12. Mike Anhalt

    57 LD 150

    Good looking LD. Once mine is on the road I'll have to see how the lights look. The LED swap might be an option even though it won't get ridden at night ever.
  13. Mike Anhalt

    W: LI/TV/SX/LIS endplate

  14. Mike Anhalt

    W: LI/TV/SX/LIS endplate

    I should have you covered. Will dig one out and let you know.
  15. Lucky day. I have one. Excelent condition. Will email you directly.