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  1. I think Tino does one like that also. Pictured in Stickys book. The SSC one looks pretty trick but for $671 it's a bit high. If you really want to cut some holes in a hub my guy can do it or I'd hit up Deanspeed or HotRodAl.
  2. All sections are still going as far as I know.
  3. They can be difficult to deal with and I think they would rather deal with a shop, YMMV. didn’t get a chance to dig out my box O mikuni jets yesterday will get to it today.
  4. I agree, it's not a well put together system. Everytime someone tries to do that they kind of fall apart in the end. Ideally I'd like to see a program/search engine that asks a series of questions like make: Lambretta Model: DL Cylinder: RT195 Crank: 60/110 displacement: 200cc Carb: Dellorto PHBH 24 filter: UNI pod Pipe: BGM V2 Ignition: BGM timing: 17DBTDC elevation: 400' and then spits out a guide or at least a starting point based on previous entries. There would need to be a lot of back end data to make this work but I think it's possible. Some data would just be for search help and some would do some calculations. I'd buy that app.
  5. Sudco is usually the one I've ordered Mikuni stuff from in the past. I might even have one of those from when I was building up the salt racer. Will check today and text you later. http://www.sudco.com/images/Sudco Price List.pdf there were a few parts with 454 in the description and some looked to be the atomizers
  6. Those are called folding stadium mirrors, about $60-80 or so usually. Check your favorite scooter shop first. I also saw them on Amazon and eBay. they are left/right specific.
  7. there is only 1 green wire from the kill switch to the ignition coil. If you put a meter on the ends it will read 0 ohms as if it were a single piece of wire (which it is). The double green is just a break out point along that wire. don't overthink it
  8. Not sure what you mean about the greens. Those 2 on the left side of the picture just common together so you can tie the kill switch from the headset to the coil on a standard/stock loom (IGNITION +). Red, common with the single green from your loom, goes to terminal 1 (IGNITION +)
  9. white/red is for the battery. Just tape it off if you're not running DC . the rest of it looks correct. Blue = ground Yellow = lights Red = Ignition +
  10. Not to pee on the campfire here.... Has a decision been made to continue yet? Not everyone is on FB and a fair amount of info doesn't make it here.
  11. You can totally see the lectron influence on those. Would love to try one out for bonneville but not for $700. Wonder if https://technologyelevated.com/ feels like sponsoring?
  12. It’s a bummer that they can’t keep it together anymore. I don’t know much about their problems other than they aren’t selling like they’d like them to be. if I had to guess there’s a few factors involved. $, the people with money to buy are not interested in the HD lifestyle and competition by other makes, there are a lot of options Regulations have affectively shut down the custom tuning market. in CA the California air resource board has made it illegal for shops to modify motorcycle exhausts for new bikes. CA is a stupid huge market and affects everything else. Sorry. I could be FOS but that’s how I see it.
  13. I’m with Kieran on this one. It might not be for everyone but it could be worse.
  14. I’d bet 566 is the police unit number.
  15. Not sure about the 566 but the 742902 looks like a frame number. The rest of the parts all look standard Italian. Good stuff.
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