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  1. From what I’ve been able to piece together, pretty much any shop that could sell motorcycles/scooters did so. There was almost no brand loyalty unless you were buying from sears or MW (even then, there were lots of brands with the house brand attached to them) I have a Black plate style plate frame that came off a S1, it reads Riverside and scooterramma.
  2. 😲 I'm having a hard time seeing how that will actually work with non-GP fork links
  3. The problem is these nylock nuts are not meant to be reused. Here we are some 50-60 years later still using this stuff! If you are going to use original hardware always use a new wave or lock washer and add a drop of anti seize grease on the threads of the nut. This way you can get the nut all the way tight on the stud and you won't risk them going loose on you.
  4. The design can def be improve on. Would be interested in seeing what you come up with
  5. It’s pretty specific to the job and makes it very easy. I don’t think you can build them (LI/SX type) with out it. Are you having a hard time finding one or trying to avoid buying one? I bought mine from Cambridge Lambretta about 15 years ago.
  6. 4 speed SX200 box. I tried for days to set up my MBD 5 speed but it wasn't happy in that case. My first run on the salt and the crank spread. It caused the rod to go bang (58/116 MEC crank). Todd had me do a couple of runs on his bike. Run 1, I got 47mph do to hitting a soft stretch in the middle of the track and the bike picked up a speed wobble Run 2, 81mph Like Todd says, the salt changes all day long and depending on, temp, time, breakfast, alignment of the sun, how much exhaust you sucked in from standing in line and how close you are to sun stroke your runs will vary If anyone wants to build or even just modify their "fast" bike for the salt just let us know. We learned a ton that weekend. There is a hand full of tech things that have to happen to be allowed to run.
  7. That 73 pinto rocked. The whole family drove it at one time or another and it sounded great.
  8. Going to start dropping photos here as soon as I sort them out. For now here's a teaser. As far as we can tell this is the first time a Lambretta has ever run on the salt here. I blew out my crank big end (cracked the case and everything) on my first run but don't care. It was a blast. Todd kicked but with a respectable 87.6 mph and I pulled a 81.7mph on his bike. Jay nailed 77mph with his full body S2 running a quatrini 210 Special thanks to Jay Keel, Planet Lambretta, Deanspeed and the LCUSA. All of your help and support made this possible.
  9. It does sound like there could be a couple of issues. For the hub studs, always use a touch of antiseize grease on the threads. This way the nut will go fully home. It will not bind up and give you a false tightened. Been running mine like this for a few years (after the same thing happened to me) and have had no issues or loose hardware since. Rear main seal is easy to change. 4 nuts and washers with the two seal plates. Use a small dental type hook and pull the old seal. Replace with new seal. Once that’s all good then start looking for the ping. Plug checks etc.
  10. I’m going to be the best dentist ever. famed chopper builder Excile was a dental student when he was building Lambretta choppers
  11. If it worked on the stand with the old stator then the problem isn’t with the stator. We’re so quick to replace everything nowadays! If if I had to guess, no spark means the green (ignition) wire in the loom is shorting to ground. A simple check is to hold the green from the stator to the frame and see if you get a spark jump. It should because you said it was running. A 125 special should have a key ignition switch. Make sure it’s in the ON, one or more click to the right of center position (sounds obvious I know but you wouldn’t be the first) If that doesn’t work then separate the loom out of the problem. Process of elimination. Only connect the green wire from the stator to the coil and coil to ground. This way it’s basically like you had it on the stand. From there start putting it back together. At some point it will stop running and there’s your problem. Good luck
  12. Congrats to our own Brooklnpete on winning the raffle bike! A sweet dl125 you’re not seeing double but he sure is. This is the 2nd raffle bike he’s won. 1st in PA and now in SD.
  13. Off the shelf top end, used mystery dellorto and this fully street legal, pump gas running bike does an honest 90mph
  14. That things a beast, love it! We're going back out to El Mirage in 2 weeks for some more speed runs. Bring it out.
  15. Set everything in the neutral position. The gear shift tie rod will set the cable position if that makes sense.
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