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  1. Middle Of Nowhere is throwing you guys a party to kick off Lambretta Jamboree! Thursday night King Django, backed by members of Hub City Stompers, will be providing the reggae, ska, and rocksteady !! Tally Ho has given us our own private room and bartender and is located across the street from the hotel.....stumbling distance. We will be there at 6pm to welcome you all. Grab some dinner with us. The band will go on 8pm.
  2. The race is this week!!
  3. Thanks for the info. Looks like I will be sewing my again too! ha.
  4. I was not sure which forum to post this is, or who to privately message...so sorry if I'm in the wrong spot. I was wondering who makes the club leg shield banners? I am interested in buying some blank banners and the LCUSA ones are super sweet. Thank you! - Heather
  5. The 2017 CORSA:IFP will be held in Stroudsburg, PA at the Whiskey Dick VI Rally hosted by Middle Of Nowhere Scooter Club! Let's get a bunch of Lambrettas in the race again!! Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1784618468475944/
  6. I'm super excited about this! Hopefully I won't be too hungover and wake up in time!
  7. I love it a lot! Wore it for as long as 10 hours in one shot, and felt totally comfortable. Took a small spill in it and it did its job protecting me. Wore it in a few down pours (cuz i'm an ass and didnt throw the rain gear on) and it felt comfortable sopping wet (not super heavy/weighed down) and dried quickly. Def recommend!
  8. Not sure if any of this counts but.. Rode a 64 Cento 300 miles in the CORSette race at the Dogwood Rally. Finished 2nd. The Cento sports a LCUSA sticker (Upper left corner of legshield). Rode a Serveta 600 miles in the CORSA race at PVSC. Finished 1st and got a big ass trophy for it.
  9. Thanks for the kind words and all you hard work! J-Team!
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