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  1. Bam Room booked Looking forward to it Barry Gwin San Francisco Scooter Centre
  2. She is about as good as it gets. Very solid with fat bucks invested. Would be a good trade for a solid LI 3
  3. https://www.facebook.com/San-Francisco-Scooter-Centre-Inc-106764361374/ Please take a look my good buddy wants to trade his BMW R75 for a Lambretta if interested please contact me. barry@sfscootercentre.com
  4. I have never responded to any BS on the BBS or anywhere else. I had one of Eric's cust email and chew me out. I emailed him back and said it wasn't me and good for him for sticking up for his buddy.
  5. Scootshop

    Photo needed.

    I have a milk Crate full of LI 125 heads if it can wait till the jammy.
  6. About time. Looking forward to trying em out.
  7. Scootshop

    Lammy Jammy

    Refresh me. Cost for members to go? Cost for non members? Pretty sure Black Sheep Scooter Club will be at least 15 strong.
  8. Happy new year, Just trying to get my post count up. : )
  9. On a unrelated topic. Bam 6 posts for me.
  10. I wish I could of been the expert to look at it. I would have paid my own way to Vegas. Even bought em all lunch for the chance to go to town on that pile on TV. Would be fun to do a youtube spoof of that show. Have it break in half on the test ride etc. plus I would have the seller say "I was on vacation in Nam and bought this for $30"
  11. Hello. It's TV. Only in TV land would anyone buy that. I also feel a little bad after watching that episode. I like that show, but that episode make me rethink it a little. I loved the smoke pouring out.
  12. Hello SF I looked at it. Bent FRAME and seat, rusted out tank, busted off carb, missing other side panel. Did I say frozen like a mofo engine. I offered $500 thought that was fair had some great parts on it. Nice black CA plate. Bam first post on new site. Barry
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