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  1. starreem

    Thank You

    Which bar?!? Lol.
  2. starreem

    Thank You

    Here ya go Pete! I took this Friday (I think). Who knew?
  3. I pre-registered ages ago. Any way to prepay for a medallion for pick up at the Jammy?
  4. If you have a Cycle Gear store locally, they have a great selection of their store brand "Bilt" helmets and gear at very reasonable prices. They carry high dollar name brand stuff like Shoei too. They are a chain store, but I can still support the local economy, inasmuch as they employee local guys who seem to know their stuff.
  5. Can someone forward me Vittorio's email? I am planning to visit the museum after Eurolambretta, and want to make proper arrangements with him.
  6. When I bought mine there was a $30 option of a pneumatic piston in addition to the hydraulic foot pump, it also had the better wheel vise. I used it with the foot pump for a few years before I got a compressor. The only problem I had was I needed to bleed the fluid reservoir after the first winter in my shop. You'll know if you pump the pedal like crazy and the table wont move. Like Peter said above, you can buy the upgraded wheel vise separately. I probably even have the parts list and can get you the HF part numbers.
  7. Yay! And sorry about your dog... it's hard to say good bye to your furry kids.
  8. According to M and M Lambretta (website no longer working-I got some pages from the waybackmachine) your scooter was manufactured in January of 1967: "Production numbers are the work of Paolo Catani and based on the original data sheets found in 1989. It covers all models, year by year and month by month." I found a copy of those production numbers here: http://www.lambrettaclubcalabria.it/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/lambretta-modelli-numeri-di-telaio-e-anno-di-costruzione.pdf
  9. Your VIN falls within most of the documented regular 1967 Li150 Series 3 before Innocenti stopped manufacturer. But yours might be one of the first one(s) sent over on spec before NYPD decided to place the order to import? I speculate this because the only thing out of the norm (SX engine, SX headset, Keyswitch, etc., that you seem to have), as Gene has so well documented, is your metal tool box.
  10. Not sure if this helps, this was the raffle scooter from 2009 Jammy in ABQ. (not my photos- can't find mine several cameras and computers later) http://scoot.net/gallery/pic.html?pic=374433 http://<IMG SRC="http://scoot.net/gallery/2009/07/lambrettajamboree/ScottWally/small_100_0477.JPG" WIDTH="640" HEIGHT="480"> here's another: DSC_0279 by Kenyon Mobley, on Flickr A pro photographer got a mess of photos too here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2025558&id=1072747742&l=d084ef806b
  11. Heh. It looked like stiletto heels to me too.
  12. Well that sure sux, especially this time of year. Hope he comes out unscathed.
  13. ummm... I tried to register, but get an error telling me there is not enough in stock, and reduce (to zero) the number ordered in my cart.
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