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  1. Fixed. I could not delete my old card through the e-mail renewal. WW
  2. The site will not update my credit card. I get this message: There was an error processing the payment. Please try a different payment method or contact us for assistance. William Saxe Wihr Member number 29
  3. wihr

    Did I pay you twice?  I just got a message from Pay Pal that they sent $30 today.


    1. k-dog


      ummmm -  let me look - if so I can do a refund.. I will message back

    2. wihr


      Thank you.  I have no Idea what Pay Pal is doing except that I will be automatically be paying you next year.


    3. k-dog


      yeah see your set up on payments - it was paid... see if your set to auto renew.... I did refund it.

      Please let me know- thanks! Kieran

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