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  1. Try Jet 200 Lambretta Works Scooters Originale Who have I forgotten in the US? WW
  2. Read the Manual on this site from cover to cover. Use the indicated mixture. spark plug etc. WW
  3. Why not buy a Ducatti? WW
  4. I think the guy on the right is on a Matchless. WW
  5. wihr

    caption contest

    Don't mess with Lambretta!
  6. Thanks. Maybe Spring Scoot (If it is dry). WW
  7. Where are you in Portland? I seem to have the only Lambretta in "the fashionable Southwest Hills". WW
  8. "Premium Indian Kickstart "- I have got both. The only difference I can see is the Italian one is bright chrome. WW
  9. wihr

    Import from India

    he is talking, in general, about importing scoots from India. WW
  10. wihr


    How old is it? WW
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