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  1. Try Jet 200 Lambretta Works Scooters Originale Who have I forgotten in the US? WW
  2. Read the Manual on this site from cover to cover. Use the indicated mixture. spark plug etc. WW
  3. Why not buy a Ducatti? WW
  4. I think the guy on the right is on a Matchless. WW
  5. wihr

    caption contest

    Don't mess with Lambretta!
  6. Thanks. Maybe Spring Scoot (If it is dry). WW
  7. Where are you in Portland? I seem to have the only Lambretta in "the fashionable Southwest Hills". WW
  8. "Premium Indian Kickstart "- I have got both. The only difference I can see is the Italian one is bright chrome. WW
  9. wihr

    Import from India

    he is talking, in general, about importing scoots from India. WW
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