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  1. Why not buy a Ducatti? WW
  2. I think the guy on the right is on a Matchless. WW
  3. wihr

    caption contest

    Don't mess with Lambretta!
  4. Thanks. Maybe Spring Scoot (If it is dry). WW
  5. Where are you in Portland? I seem to have the only Lambretta in "the fashionable Southwest Hills". WW
  6. "Premium Indian Kickstart "- I have got both. The only difference I can see is the Italian one is bright chrome. WW
  7. wihr

    Import from India

    he is talking, in general, about importing scoots from India. WW
  8. wihr


    How old is it? WW
  9. Unfortunately, I do not know Tom or Julie. It looked like fun. WW PS - Do you have a 14in, wide five bolt VW wheel with good hubcap clips - or - do you know how to use the rivets supplied with replacement clips?
  10. Was this a Lucky Bastards event? WW
  11. As the "King of Soft-seizes" I have found (no seizes in over six years) you must break the engine by the book. First gear 15 mph max; 2nd gear - 20 mph; 3rd - 30 mph; 4th - 37. Driving over 40 for any length of time will fry it. Do not maintain any speed for long periods. Do not lug it. No hills at full throttle. Do not accelerate at full throttle. All of this is intended to keep the engine as cool as possible. Heat will cause seizes and damage pistons and barrels. (I have been there at least four times) WW
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