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  1. Rockers Vs Mods Dallas is March 31 - April 2. The Blue Meanies are leaving from Colleyville, West of Dallas, East of Fort Worth Saturday morning at 9:45. This is always a good event with great turnout! http://www.rockersvsmods.com/dallas-rvm/
  2. The First Annual Texas United Scooter Rally will take place at Lady Bird Johnson Park, in Fredericksburg Texas June 9-12 2017. This is a Camping Rally as well as there being plenty of hotels, cabins, and wineries to stay at. All scooters Vintage and Modern are welcome. Fredericksburg has many activities available, 20+ Wineries, and at least 2 breweries. http://www.texasunitedscooterrally.com
  3. I have the BGM regulator on my 6V AC scoot. It just has a big Zener diode in it and maybe a Capacitor or something, so I wouldn't think you would fry anything (same for the 12V one). You can buy a big capacitor and your own zener to make sure that nothing gets fried if you wanted to do something you KNOW would protect your phone. However, if you don't have a battery, this could cause dimmer lights. An iphone charges between .5 amp and an amp, so it might drag on your system.
  4. I was not able to find a correct tail light bulb for a 6v balanced system. That is why I used the BGM LED system, which the German dudes designed to work with the balanced 6V system. I was actually designing my own and it got expensive so I just purchased that and their voltage regulator. Saved me about $50 and a month of time.
  5. Yeah, They all look kind of technical and racy, don't think there is a way of getting around that without welding.
  6. http://www.6pie.com/faradayslaw.php Here is something to help. Number of coil turns definitely directly affects the output voltage. Anthony, you built my Lambretta, and about a year after I bought it, I put one of those german 6 volt LED rear lights in. The brightness of the headlight about doubled, and was also much more white compared to the yellow shade it was before. Maybe someone can compile all the ways to increase brightness on a Lambretta for the Gazette?
  7. I have been wondering a for a few months if you always have to weld on brackets to hold the dampers... My question was answered today. Wondering if anyone will be buying any? http://www.lambrettaspares.com/spares/bgm-parts/top-fork-damper-brackets,-bolt-on-type-cnc,-bgm/mbgm0548.html
  8. Send the fb page so I can post it to the LCUSA fb please!
  9. "Third one I've found torched today...That damn LCUSA must be in town again...."
  10. I like the racing stripe on the sides, makes you go faster
  11. I was all about my original saddle seats, and I always thought Lambrettas had the roughest tractor ride ever. Then a friend said he would give me a basically brand new bench seat so I swapped it out in about half an hour. It basically made the ride WAY less rough, kind of felt like I changed the suspension or something. Totally worth the change, and if I ever want to change back, it's easy. However, your butt will still fall asleep, it just won't get rammed hard with every bump haha
  12. "Glad we bought this thing in Vietnam! Otherwise this might be dangerous!"
  13. "When you make the cat mad, he poops in your shoe...human, you're gonna need a bigger shoe!"
  14. The Dallas one has tons of vintage scooters, and usually at least 10 Lambrettas
  15. Actually that's probably the most likely theory. A single guy owned it before me (no babes rode on back). My girlfriend always rides with me. So it is a badge of honor that you get the babes. She is tiny though so they should have included a correct passenger loading booklet with the original sale of these scooters.
  16. I grabbed the logo from your powerpoint and posted it up and everyone is loving it (I hope that's ok!). Put it out on the Twitter and the FB page and it got a lot of attention. A lot of people are saying they want to go.
  17. Please let me know when any type of logo is available, it's always good to add it to the FB and Twitter header so anyone just glancing at it will see it easily.
  18. Maybe have a "Suggested reads" area on the site?
  19. If anyone doesn't see something important going out over social media, feel free to let me know. I try to catch as much as I can but there are a lot of new threads and replies each day. Thanks!
  20. Then they realized that hipsters just LOOK like goats.
  21. https://www.facebook.com/events/654644157948202/ Dallas classic scooter rally October 17
  22. PS: when do we start planning out a Dallas Lammy jammy?
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