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  1. The repair photos are further up in this thread. They're what I'm taking to my TIG guy to use. But I'm trying to verify whether it's as simple as building up the broken aluminum and putting the ferrule in the hole.
  2. Regardless of whether I buy a new headset bottom or not, the fix for this is to build up the aluminum then press in the ferrule, right? Or do I weld around the ferrule, trapping it in place? This is my first complete rebuild so any info is appreciated.
  3. New buffers and retorque-ing fixed it. Thanks Corey.
  4. To verify, all I need to do is build up the aluminum, then press in the brass ferrule? Thanks.
  5. So I took the forks apart and it looks like I have one buffer that is slightly larger and three that are the same size. Odd but once I get another large buffer, we'll see if this fixes things.
  6. Yeah, this sounds about right. Buffers and stops are brand new. Springs, links and pistons are original. Thanks. I'll be tearing the forks apart again.
  7. Derek, these are the scoot's original links. Kickstart-side link has the locating pin. The other side does not, as it's supposed to be.
  8. BGM stainless split rims with inner tubes.
  9. Hey Lambrettaverse, I just put the front hub and tire on this Li I'm building and the tire is not lining up straight. I'm thinking I need to go back into the forks and ensure both links are even (the k/s-side link/spring may not be in far enough. Has anyone else ever had this issue?
  10. I believe my hub was damaged by something hitting it (42 years ago when it last legally ran). But this is a safe repair. The pressure from the front brake cable shouldn't harm the weld.
  11. My before-and-after photos for this repair.
  12. Hey there Lambrettaverse, Is anyone using this BGM ORIGINAL, non-stainless, chrome rim?: http://www.scooter-center.com/en/product/BGM7960C/Wheel+rim+BGM+ORIGINAL+Lambretta+LI+1st+series+2nd+series+3rd+series+LI+S+SX+TV+2nd+series+3rd+series+chrome?meta= If so, how does it compare, durability-wise to the BGM PRO, polished stainless rim?: http://www.scooter-center.com/en/product/BGM7970/Wheel+rim+BGM+PRO+Lambretta+LI+1st+series+2nd+series+3rd+series+LI+S+SX+TV+2nd+series+3rd+series+stainless+steel+polished?meta= My assumption is that both are top quality but that the less-expensive, chromed rim probably gets duller quicker. Any light shed is appreciated. Cheers, Damon
  13. Heat, PB Blaster and a punch worked well for me. I PB Blast the pins overnight. Then I drive a thin screw into the old pin, put the punch on the screw and hammer the shiz out of it until the old, rusty pin gives. If it doesn't give initially, I apply heat. It works.
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