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  1. Is this new? Or is it the same as the one I have, I bought it at the Portland Jammy.
  2. I get to pick the winner here... And even though he's kind of a jerk and won't let me buy him a beer... Peter's is the most creative.
  3. Did this work for you? If not, I can make you whatever you want, in any file type for any application.
  4. I'm looking for an old story I wrote about the Tijuana rally.
  5. You know it is. And the back ground is Eames fabric for the mid-century furniture nerds.
  6. The wife and I have a family gathering in Mason City June 14 & 15 and we are flying out of the Twin Cities early morning on the 17th. So we'll be hanging out the evening of the 16th. Are there any Lambretta people in Minnesota? Maybe an awesome craft store to check out or a LCUSA president or something? Husker Du fans? Beer? I really have no idea about anything in that state...
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