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  1. Hi thanks for the info, the regulator is grounded, might be hard to see in the image, and the motor is also grounded directly to the / cdi / regulator and frame now with a thick wire, but I suppose I could swap it for the $20 Lambretta wire. As I mentioned in the post I’ve tested the output directly from the stators yellow lighting lead with the exact same result. Don’t worry I’m swapping out the tires I’ll look for Anthony’s Facebook page for more info. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I have an Li125 riverside project that I’ve been rebuilding from the ground up following sticky’s advice. I’ve finally got it running this weekend and tuned up fairly well enough to go on a shake down ride. The one lingering issue that I can’t figure out is the lighting. The bike’s running a BGM stator with a SIL flywheel. It’s not the most recent version of the stator (bought years ago). It’s functioning great where it counts, sparks fantastic, (did need to file the slots to get to 19 btdc) engine runs well after carb tuning. The only thing I can’t figure out is the lighting. I’m starting to think the lighting coil in the stator is bad. It seems to be only producing around 2volts from the yellow lighting lead. I’ve measured it directly from the stator lead, after the regulator, before, etc.. Has anyone had a similar issue with BGM stators? Or am I just completely ignorant on how the lighting should work/ how to use a multimeter, I’ve basically got the spark circuit isolated with the kill and everything else in my loom that’s not ground plugged into yellow. Purple, pink, brown. The horn functions... Any suggestions on how to test output and isolate the issue? thanks!
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