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  1. YES me , can I get a ticket through LCUSA ?? cheers Grahame.
  2. Nice ! that address is right next to my Studio in Long island City and the building is still there. although who knows for how much longer as the area very quickly becomes an extension of Manhattan . The rents are now through the roof and development is rife , There goes the neighborhood Time to move n I guess . G.
  3. Yes mate ....that air seat cover has saved my arse on quite a few Euro Rallys, well recommended AA++ Introduce yourself in Germany and we'll 'ave a beer pal. Have been down the divorce path myself , its not pretty but there is blue sky at the end of the Tunnel . Trust me . Stay strong and be well . cheers G.
  4. You going to Germany GP Kevo ? Not far from Poland ! hopefully see you there . Stay strong and keep riding them Lambretta's mate ! G.
  5. yes its still there ....I pass it every day as its next to the building that my studio is in . G.
  6. Top of barrel to top of exhaust (bridged) 32.5mm Top of barrel to top of transfer 47.5mm Top of barrel to bottom of exhaust 62mm G
  7. clear your in box I am trying to send you the info. G
  8. Yup , Start this project next week . G.
  9. I like that , kool find, good luck with it . G.
  10. Nowt wrong with red seats D so long as they are original on original painted scoots
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