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  1. Is that an EGT sensor into the header?
  2. This is the one I have which MMW make for SCK and LTH in Germany. Plus a photo of the clamp at the bottom, they do also supply an alternative weld-on bracket.
  3. Stu, I would personally be nervous with this arrangement, as the forward force will want to turn the bracket, with the possibility of turning into the disc/wheel. I think that is why all of the bracket arrangements currently on the market have the bar extended forward of the fork leg and the bracket facing forwards. My 0.02c.
  4. Conrod centre to centre - first photo looked like a 107mm, this now looks like it could be 110mm, but accurate measuring will confirm. 190 conversions have also use the longer TV conrods @ 116mm, although the base of the cylinder looks to have been machined, so unlikely to be one of those. Its tough to tell if the top of the cylinder has been machined from the photos posted. Crank looks to be standard 58mm, if you post a photo of the other side of the rod, showing any manufacturers marks it may help, and also the flywheel taper on the other side of the crank, that may also help identifying it. The balance holes are generally in LI/SX/TV cranks, although italian GP150 also had them. The Spanners Manual (#3 just published) would be a great reference guide for you.
  5. Its a WCLW 190 conversion of a stock 150 cylinder and head. The piston is a Wiseco Suzuki TS185 std piston @ 64.00mm (176M06400) easily available online. You may want to have the clearance checked and possibly look at the next size rebore.
  6. Discount - I'm sure this is a tough one for the dealers (Jet200, Scooter Speed, Sole Power, Lambretta Concessionaires, ScootersO Pacific, etc) as I would guess 40-50% of their (Lambretta parts) orders probably come from LCUSA members, which would eat into their bottom line, and they still have overheads and want to make a wage, so that they're still in business when we need parts !! Tony's suggestion above about Pay It Forward is a great one as we all have stuff laid around which may be useful to other members who are in need. The Specialist has always been a struggle for the admin to get content and contributions, and as mentioned at the recent Members Meeting, this is likely to change, becoming an annual production. At least the tracking of membership renewals has improved with the new club store. And the Club Store has some great product (well done Matt). To me, its this Forum, the Jamboree and the lifelong friendships as Peter mentions above.
  7. Thanks to the Seattle folks for putting on a memorable Jamboree. Saw old friends and met new ones. Although we had a stroller instead of two wheels, we enjoyed the great atmosphere, city and weather.
  8. Flying in Thursday with Tracey and baby Bower (his first rally as we decided last minute against taking him to PVSC Band Camp due to the weather forecast).
  9. Update - Reception got it wrong, rooms still available and ours is confirmed for the LCUSA rate. If you call and get the same response from Reception then call Sales Manager.
  10. Everyday's a schoolday! So I assume you can technically use them on all Series III, but not period correct for anything after '63?
  11. Tracey just phoned to book our room and the reception told her that all LCUSA rooms are all gone (double and suites). All that was available were King Rooms @ regular rate $250/night. If anyone is cancelling their reservation please let me know. We are planning Thursday night > Saturday night inclusive.
  12. Joe, I thought those were for Ser I & II which have the tubular hanger flattened which would suit that slot. Ser III have a channel section hanger and the metal clipped buffer. I may be wrong, I was once before !!
  13. Ended prematurely by the look of it.
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