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  1. This is the one I have which MMW make for SCK and LTH in Germany. Plus a photo of the clamp at the bottom, they do also supply an alternative weld-on bracket.
  2. Stu, I would personally be nervous with this arrangement, as the forward force will want to turn the bracket, with the possibility of turning into the disc/wheel. I think that is why all of the bracket arrangements currently on the market have the bar extended forward of the fork leg and the bracket facing forwards. My 0.02c.
  3. Everyday's a schoolday! So I assume you can technically use them on all Series III, but not period correct for anything after '63?
  4. Joe, I thought those were for Ser I & II which have the tubular hanger flattened which would suit that slot. Ser III have a channel section hanger and the metal clipped buffer. I may be wrong, I was once before !!
  5. Ended prematurely by the look of it.
  6. It looks to be a well thought out and engineered kit. In the latest Scootering magazines there's an article on this kit with an interview with Max Quattrini. I'm pretty sure it states it fits a stock italian 125/150 casing without welding/machining. Agreed there is additional expense of an exhaust (Chiselspeed is the only one available at the moment) and a 116mm rodded crank, so just bolt it onto your TV175 ;-)
  7. Mike, I had the very same problem on a V#spa engine some time ago and used Loctite 660 when fitting the sleeve, obviously things need to be clean and care taken, but worked out ok.
  8. Congratulation Pete, It was a fantastic scooter. Great to meet you.
  9. Stu, What carbon fibre are you looking for? I have some surplus parts.
  10. Yeah I remember lots of people 'interested' and 'building scooters' and then only AD showed up. Which is exactly what concerns me. I don't mind throwing money into a competitive lambretta as I have a pretty good arsenal of parts, but I'm not going to waste my time if that is likely to happen. We'll see I guess, I hope I'm wrong.
  11. Keep this moving. I'd be interested in something, moved over here just as ESRA was dying its slow death, so missed out. Only kept up the racing by going back to Europe for vacations and dragging my scooters out and doing a bit of racing in Germany. I think the most important thing is focus on creating something fun and competitive, the production class has taken off really well last year in U.K. And is a good example.
  12. Yeah a bicycle box was the only other thought I came up with. Other than that it was just a cardboard box which I used before for bodywork
  13. I was back home in UK for Christmas and realised how much scooter swag I still have back there (I originally moved overseas for a 3 yr period, that was 13 yrs ago). I brought a couple of suitcases back full of swag but obviously struggled when it came to the bodywork parts due to the size of it. Some of it is junk and I plan to go back over at the end of February so I can attend a Parts Fair and get rid of that stuff, but there is some stuff I'd like to bring back with me. I'm curious if anyone knows of a suitcase large enough that would fit side panels?
  14. I have one from Quality Chrome BNIB. Let me know if you're interested.
  15. I've had a scooter on my bench since I moved into my house 10 yrs ago, the house is now paid for, but the scooter is still not finished!........... I'm determined to ride it to Lammy Jammy next year.
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