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  1. need your help, I have a LI150 Serveta that I'm restoring and ran into a snuff. Located TDC, marked 19degrees retarded on flywheel, it has Ducati 6 pole stator with points, when I try to set firing point on 19, I can only get as close as 23 before I run out of play on stator. Also I noticed that there where some marks on flywheel before but they do not correspond with TDC or 19 degrees they are both about 10 degrees retarded from my marks which puts the stated 19degrees in the window of the stator. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advise, doing an engine rebuild on a series 3 LI150 and I think I want to use either a Casa 185 or an RT-195, I currently have Dellorto 20 and would rather not upgrade as I'm not looking for performance but rather easy starting and low maintenance as my wife will be using it. I could also consider rebuilding the 150. Any advise is appreciated as I'm new to this.
  3. Thanks Mike, I was going to have the holes closed before paint but you are probably right that the tape won't hold that well so I'll install as it should be.
  4. has anyone attached sripts on leg shield without drilling the holes?
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