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  1. Thanks for the feed back. I would be real reluctant to use that style on a painted fork. The paint on my lambretta is not good, and I was going to try and change the fork links without taking the front end off. I’ve never done this before. Is it possible to use the standard spring compressor ( of which I also bought) to take the fork links out without taking to front end off. Thanks for the help scott
  2. I saw that video about a month ago. I have purchased the tool, and plan on using it this weekend. I’ll post how it worked for me. I’m sure it will all be good. I’ll throw in a couple of pictures as well for, all to see.
  3. Spj

    EGT guage

    Thanks for the info...scott
  4. I’m a welder, and I would have to say no. It is way too contaminated with oil, and it is just a lip that is broke off. Fixing a crack is one thing...a lip or a flange is another. I would think that trying to find a case would be easier and cheaper. Just my thoughts.
  5. New to the forum. I did go back about 5 pages worth of threads looking for info on a good EGT guage for my scooter. ANY info on a a EGT guage would be appreciated. Good or bad. Thanks spj
  6. Decided to take a ride in the country side. Beautiful overcast day in the hills.
  7. I went back and read your post...sorry. If you put a quieter pipe on it, your wife would love it💕 it is extremely reliable. My wife rides a mostly stock 68 V3$p@ with. P200e engine, but then again Santa traded in his sleigh for the same. Enjoy the holidays
  8. Well also new at this game, but I decided to go with the Mugello 198cc kit for a TV 175 116mm. Con rod. Used a GP 60mm stroke crankshaft. Casa big bore exhaust, Dellorto carb, Varitronics ignition, lightened Imola flywheel and a updated clutch and a 150 gear box. I have roughly 375miles on it. Starts first kick every time...well maybe second kick if it’s cold out side. Runs really well. I have not ridden it at WOT which I never do, but I’m sure it would hit the 65-70mph range. Added a picture.... Good luck to you...keep us posted as to what you decided to do...lots of options out there.
  9. I use a hitch mounted carrier all the time if I’m hauling one scooter. I have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. I bought a carrier rated at 800 lbs I believe, so a scooter is no issue. I thought the price was not too bad...less than 300.00. Great way to haul a scooter. Hope this helps.
  10. No head gasket on my just put together two weeks ago 198cc mugello. It does have two extra head studs for a total of six. The bigger ones are torqued to 18ftlbs, the smaller ones 13ftlbs. Re- torque after 200miles. I’m going to re-torque them again at 500 miles just because.
  11. The scooter shop that I deal with have installed a number of 5peed transmissions. A good number of them failed, due to broken gears. There is a good video on you/tube that compares some 5speed transmissions...I would definitely do some research. “Cramaz” is another 5speed gear box you may look at. Scott
  12. My name is scott and I live in Clovis California. I currently own a few V3$p@s and just recently jumped to the dark side. I purchased an all original 1958 series 1 Li 150. The scooter has 10,181 miles, but it has not moved in 20 plus years. The engine was not stuck, so I thought I would try and get her to run. After a few hours, I did get her to run, but the vacuum leaks were so bad i had to throw in the towel. After a couple of months, she runs like a brand new scooter....well maybe just a bit better. I installed a Mugello 198 cylinder kit for a TV175 116mm con rod, GP 60mm stroke crankshaft. Varitronic ignition system,casa performance big box exhaust, and a Dellorto carb. The scooter runs great and a blast to ride. I left the patina as it was found...but I did add some advertising. Looking forward to reading and participating in the new group. Thanks scottScott
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