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  1. Super stoked for this bike!! Thanks for saving another one Mike!!
  2. Hey Corey,

    Mike said you were looking for an original TV3 speedo? I have one with a KM face on it in working shape. Mike has it, he's going to snap a few pics of it here later today. PM me back, you need to delete some messages on here as you currently can't receive any:/

  3. I had this BGM big box pipe on our stock TV3 so it has about 1000 miles on it. When it was new I bead blasted it from the way it came in raw metal so the super high temp ceramic spray paint would stick better. It has done well so far:)
  4. Not sure if this email is making it to you or not?  Saw you ad for the '57 Lambretta 125 this morning.  I would like to know a bit more about it but need to tell you up front I'd likely be a buyer at $2,000 +/-.  If interested please email me at "bob@adart.com".  Regards, Bob

  5. try other makes: lambretta
  6. I sent several emails, they replied they will not ship to the USA, even for a large order:(
  7. Hit James up: 214-478-5790 scooterhauler@yahoo.com he's a cool guy old school scooter dude and has a good crew of friends who scoot as well, He sets up a lot of rides and rallies down there too including the Dallas Vintage ride:)
  8. My buddy and club mate Denver James started his own scooter hauling business a while back. He's moved 2 bikes for me already and knows how to properly handle and tie down lambrettas. He's based out of Dallas but is moving scoots coast to coast so hit him up next time you need a bike moved: 214-418-5790 scooterhauler@yahoo.com
  9. Nice lid!!! Glad you liked it! As a favor to my club peeps I Still will hook up any LCUSA member with a 30% discount, no tax + free shipping on any Bell,AGV, ARAI or Biltwell helmets. Also RSD riding gear and gloves. PM me:)
  10. right on guys I will pass all 3 of these on to my buddy! Thanks, Chris
  11. I have a friend in LA who needs to take his older vepsa in for some work, who's the best shop/most reliable?
  12. Great pics, thanks man!! something to consider...
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