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  1. (BLUSH) Yikes - thank you, Lambrettayeroc, for your eagle eye and knowledge of the D vs. the C. I'm embarrassed, yet happy to report that you are correct - it is clearly indicated on the frame 125 C. I've been living a lie : ) I've not ever posted about it before and had never planned on selling it, so I also never thought to check for the frame imprint. Thanks also to you, ScottWally, for your kind words/input. It sounds like we are both moving past the time when having/restoring these beautiful beasts fits into the life plans. I'm holding strong to the hope that if we do move forward with selling, it will be to someone who wants to take on the challenge of keeping Lamby whole and loving it.
  2. Hi Lambretta fiends, mad men/women… We have a 1952 Lambretta 125 C brought over from Brescia, Italy, approx. 25 years ago, disassembled in our luggage - believe it or not. We have since been moving this lovely creature from state to state, positioning it as a piece of art in the living room, always thinking that we would get around to restoring it one day. We now are considering a move abroad and are wondering if it would be better to sell it to a loving Lambretta enthusiast, rather than continue to port it around the world. It is currently in Charlotte, NC and is essentially complete - we had it running at one point (though roughly), however that was at least 20 years ago. We would be interested to hear any thoughts anyone has on this sweet little vehicle… you can see a few more pics here: http://happygods.com/1951-lambretta-125-c-consideration/ — is it worth restoring? is it possible to restore? what would you estimate it take/cost to restore it? what is its current value unrestored? is it interesting to anyone to restore (we’d hate to see it parted out)? We are quite fond of Lamby. Releasing her would be hard on the heart, though logically probably makes the most sense… what to do... Thanks in advance for your two cents.
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