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  1. Was also reading this for what it is worth. http://www.lambretta.co.uk/downloads/sparkplug.html We did experience a large change in heat and humidity in the north east Fouled Plug Wet fouled plugs are normally caused by rich air/fuel mixtures, these must be changed as the plug will not operate. The richness is more comonly caused by jetting, but can also be caused by an incorrect fuel to oil ratio. Fouled plugs can also be caused by selecting to colder grade in spark plug which will not allow the plug to burn the mixture efficently. Dry-fouled spark plugs can sometimes be cleaned by bringing engine up to operating temperature.Before changing fouled spark plugs, be sure to eliminate root cause of fouling. Running rich can also be caused by a number of other factors, Change in Ambient air conditions, altitude, humidity
  2. Thanks. Those documents state 4% on run in and then 2% after that. I went 2.5% aka 40:1 on this but was that wrong? Would that cause the black spark plug?
  3. Since the bike is not in front of me and I am a rookie I will answer what I can. The choke was off (after it warmed up) and it ran but I was constantly giving it a little bit of gas maybe more out of fear that it would die. It is on coil and points not electronic ignition. The only two things that really have changed are the outside temp and humidity and the fuel mixture. This time the fuel mixture was done by me rather than the restoration shop. So not sure if the richness has to do with the oil to gas ratio rather than the gas to air mixture even though I know they are all tied together! But this is why I love the help this forum provides. Carb - Dellorto SH1-18/20 Carburetor - fully rebuilt, cleaned, new gaskets etc only 4 months ago with about 40 miles driven.
  4. Okay update here. She started after a few tries today in the driveway. A lot cooler here but then after getting warm she died. Pulled the plug and it was black and greasy. I did not have a spare handy but I cleaned the plug a bit and put it back and it started right up. So what do we think this means?
  5. So my newly restored Li150 S3 has been running great. I had a full tank of gas in it from the shop that worked on it. I just premixed my own and I thought I did it at 40:1 things seemed to be going well but then towards of the end my ride last night she stalled out coming up my steep driveway (in 1st gear) and then even when I got her to fire back up she would not make it up. A few things to note. 1. When I started it cold that day she was producing a lot of smoke but then when warm was fine. 2. It was really really hot here. Like 100 outside not sure if that would be an issue. 3. When I originally tried to make it up the steep driveway I had my 150 lbs brother on the bike as well. But then on second attempt it was just me and did not make it. 4. I am using Castor 927 Pro Series as my oil Appreciate any advice for this newbie.
  6. I have a stock LI150 S3 that just got finished a restoration. No mods or anything. What do people suggest for fuel? Pre-mix like you would put in a chain saw or small dirt bike or mix your own? I know asking about premix might shun me forever but just looking for some advise. 😀 If you do mix your own what ratio is suggested and any lubrication preference? I believe LI 150 is 2% ?
  7. Thinking of this for my LI 150 off my Jeep. https://www.etrailer.com/Hitch-Cargo-Carrier/Ultra-Fab-Products/UF48-979033.html Anyone have experience with them? I know folks love the versa ones but are they 3x the price better?
  8. "To infinity and beyond"
  9. two photos of the original condition I found it in.
  10. Hi I have a 1962 series three that I found in the Bronx years ago. I am doing a full restoration on it now and found the original paint was a white and blue which made me think maybe it has some NYPD history or NJ police. What is easiest way to figure that out? Thanks.
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